PTI Saudi Arabia Election Commission Notification | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

This is to notify that Following Election Commission has formed with consensus from all stakeholders.

This Election Commission shall be working in direct coordination with Office of Chief PTI Organizer Middle East (Mr. Zulqiurnain Ali Khan) to conduct free & transparent Intra-Party Elections in PTI KSA (2016-17).

All other Committees, CEC, Groups, Wings, Panels etc. are hereby null and void. As per the earlier notification, elections will be held on an regional basis by the PTI KSA election commission. After regional bodies have been formed, country level elections will be considered.

Central Region:

Name Mobile/WhatsApp Email
Mr. Ahmed Raza Alvi 0555284076 [email protected]
Mr.Salman Shahid 0594838331 [email protected]

Western Region:

Name Mobile/WhatsApp Email
Mr. Naveed A Sahar 0565303987 [email protected]
Mr. Qaiser JavedMr. Qaiser Javed 0504305889 [email protected]

Eastern Region:

Name Mobile/WhatsApp Email
Mr. Naveed Afridi 0581172232 [email protected]
Mr. Farhad Akram 0507660817 [email protected]

Mr. Riaz Ahmad Badani shall be Coordinator for this Committee.

Mr. Zulqiurnain Ali Khan
Chief Organizer PTI Middle East - OIC
[email protected]