PTI Malaysia Office Bearers and Membership Notification | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Office of International Chapters (OIC) hereby informs PTI members and the larger Pakistani community in Malaysia that there are no elected bodies or official PTI office bearers in Malaysia. The party disassociates with any person claiming office bearer title/position in Malaysia. 


The party has appointed Membership Coordinators (MC), details can be viewed here:


All PTI members and concerned individuals are strongly and strictly advised to only contact official party representatives listed on the party's website. 


The party has been informed of dubious individuals claiming to be the office bearers. The party hereby declares every position in Malaysia null and void and as such disassociates itself with such individuals. 


At present membership campaign has been initiated in Malaysia to organise the chapter. 


All PTI supporters, volunteers, sympathisers are advised to become members by visiting the link here or only contacting the official MC listed on the party's website. The party strongly advises against giving money to individuals claiming to be PTI office bearers without verifying their details. 


OIC can be contacted on 


Office of International Chapters