PTI Japan Election Voting Procedure Notification 2015 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

PTI Japan Election Commission is pleased to publish the instructions for the upcoming intraparty elections.

PTI Japan Voting Procedure - Click Here

Main Portal for PTI Japan Elections is

Casting your vote

On Election Day we will be sending a reminder text to all members, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THE THIS MESSAGE.

To cast your vote, create a new message and text the voting code to the dedicated number +447860039087 (Note: you do not need to wait for a text message).

After you have cast your vote, you can receive any of the following responses depending on how you have voted:-

  • Success message ??? Will give you a confirmation code which you will need to keep as proof of your vote.
  • Number not recognised ??? the number that you have sent a text from is not in the voting system and isn???t held against a membership number.
  • Invalid message ??? you have sent an incorrect message, will need to cast your vote again.
  • Not valid code ??? you have sent a code which is not in your region, will need to cast your vote again.
  • Duplicate code different code ??? you have voted twice but with different panel codes. You will be given a conflict code which you will need to enter on to clear the error and then can vote again.

Voting time period from: 3rd September 2015 - 8pm ??? 4th September - 8pm