PTI Japan Election Notification 2017 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Office of International Chapters (OIC) is pleased to announce the schedule of the intraparty elections in PTI Japan.

Composition of PTI Japan Election Commission is as follows:

  1. Arsalan Shehzad - Member
  2. Shahzaib Warraich       - Member
  3. Yasir Naveed - Member

Role of Election Commission

Election Commission shall ensure free and fair intra-party elections are held and equal level playing field is provided to all eligible contestants.

Responsibilities of Members of Election Commission

All three members of election commission shall be equally responsible to:

  1. Ensure paid-membership process defined by Office of International Chapters is adhered to during membership campaign.
  2. Verify voting list by scrutinizing through sample testing or any other means deemed necessary.
  3. Publish verified membership lists as per defined guidelines.
  4. Scrutinize contestants??? nomination papers and ensure they fulfil eligibility criteria.
  5. Handle any complaints during membership or nominations process and make equitable decisions.
  6. Oversee the SMS voting process on elections day and, do spot checks if necessary on actual votes.
  7. Announce results
  8. Make sure all data handled by them during elections is treated with strict confidentiality and not shared with any irrelevant person or body within or outside the party.

Members of the election commission can be contacted on [email protected]

Any questions or queries regarding the election commission or Conflict Resolution Committee (CRC) can be addressed to OIC at [email protected]