Notification on PTI's Overseas Chapters | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

In consultation with OIC, this communique is duly prepared and approved by all of PTI’s Overseas Chapters.

Clarification over Representation of PTI in Overseas Chapters:

As per the OIC Notification of 7th April 2014, for overseas chapters, there is only one official representative of PTI which is the Office of International Chapters (OIC). It is clarified officially that there is no provision for a parallel structure in any overseas chapters but to work within the existing PTI elected body structure.

Any parallel structure using PTI or its Chairman Imran Khan’s name to further a personal agenda has no official standing or recognition within the Party. No one is permitted to arrange any fundraising event, without following the due process of getting prior permission from the PTI elected body, International Finance Board and OIC. It has been observed that there are some people representing PTI on various forums who are neither selected nor have the consent of OIC. It has been decided to clearly identify the category of various representation of PTI in overseas chapters. Following is the list of categories that are accepted as members and leaders of PTI with reference to each category.

PTI can be represented by following groups of overseas Pakistanis: Membership Coordinator duly endorsed by the OIC and published on Paying Members duly supported by paying a membership fee and the list held with elected chapters, OIC and Finance Board/Central Finance.

Paying members need to follow the elected body for representation on various forums and media. There are specific guidelines and process published on regarding fund raising by Central Finance Board (CFB) of the party. Elected body of overseas chapters through legitimate elections held by the OIC which includes the President, Vice President, General Secretary, Information Secretary and other wings and positions appointed by the elected body only. All group and wings to work under the elected body. As per the OIC Notification dated 16th Feb 2014, we would like to clarify that there is no definition or official list available on the founding members of PTI within the party and people claiming this designation could be due to their own personal desires as constitution and bylaws of the Party do not endorse such titles.

The only authority who can verify a founding member is the Chairman himself. This is to clarify that on a UK and Europe level, there is no official European committee or any designation covering both PTI UK and/or Europe e.g. President, Head, Chair, In-charge or any other title. The OIC and Chairman supports the current elected bodies throughout the world including UK and Europe. It is the Elected Body who are entitled and can appoint various positions as per the Party and OIC Guidelines. This is also to clarify that recently there are people who are using PTI names to further their own agendas. In some cases they are not even a paying member of any overseas chapter. They are not the official representatives of PTI.

It has also been brought to our attention that fundraising appeals have been launched without taking the necessary permission, and we are advising all our members and workers to avoid such appeals except those of the Elected Body within your region permitted via the Party’s Finance Board and OIC. With this notification, we inform all overseas chapters and our members that these groups or individuals do not fall in any category of PTI representation. It is only through the Elections conducted by the OIC that determine who have the right to represent PTI overseas.

Such people who do not have official PTI position with regard to overseas chapters such as Media Advisor, Political Advisor or President/Head PTI UK / Europe etc. We also advise our overseas members that they should not be misled by such individuals who manage to get photographed with Chairman or other leadership on occasions and misuse these picture to impress and convince PTI members that they have close connection with the leadership or Chairman. This has also brought to our attention that these individuals making false promises on behalf of the Party and getting protocol from PTI workers. This is completely unacceptable and must be stopped. Examples of self-proclaimed leaders representing PTI are primarily on social media, selected newspapers and magazines.

Once again all overseas party members are requested to check for accurate and official information as well as PTI’s official social media accounts which are also listed on Disciplinary action shall be invoked against individuals/groups found to be in breach or violation of OIC and respective overseas chapter code of conduct and related decisions.

Middle East Chapters

– Middle East Chief Organiser Zulqiurnain Ali Khan is the official PTI Chief Organiser for the Middle East chapters. The elected bodies across Middle East are the official representatives of PTI having gone through official intraparty elections. Middle East Chapters

– All notifications issued from the Office of the Middle East Chief Organiser are official notifications having the signature and letter headed from Mr Zulqiurnain Ali Khan and published on Any other notifications are fake and not approved. Middle East Chapters

– All self-appointed groups such as the “Insafian Group” across Middle East chapters such as Saudi Arabia or UAE or any other country are illegal, fake and have no link with PTI. All Middle East members are strongly requested not to contact or trust individuals from any groups or bodies which are not official and not on party’s website. All official Membership Coordinators (MC) and elected officials details can be checked on or by contacting the Middle East Chief Organiser’s office. Middle East Chapters

– Apart from the elected bodies, all other wings, self-appointed bodies, groups, individuals, membership coordinators or any other designations are hereby declared illegal, fake and not part of PTI. The above communique is supported and will be fully implemented immediately by all PTI’s overseas chapters. PTI Overseas chapters are growing at a fast pace with the creation of new elected Chapters, membership campaigns and ongoing planning to support 2018 General Elections in Pakistan. The OIC is now holding regular conference calls with all Overseas Chapter Presidents to discuss key policy issues and future direction. The objective is to highlight the importance of the PTI Overseas Chapters and extension of their role in PTI through structural reforms. The OIC forum will allow the voice of PTI Overseas Chapters to become a real stakeholder in the decision making of PTI. We need your support to abide by this communique.


Office of International Chapters (OIC) Acting Secretary Dated: 26/01/2018