Notification: Announcement of Winning Panel in UAE in Intra Party elections 2015 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
PTI UAE Election Commission 2015 is pleased to inform the winning panel  in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman is " Nazrayati Insafians". They had fielded in their nominations supported by Socho Pakistan Panel and Haiqi Panel. 
Please see the break down below. Nazaryati made 624 members out of 1152 members. Also EC had put out the number of memberships that were expired and were not considered in the total membership.
Description Total Members Notes
Nazirayti Insafians Panel 624  
Socho Pakistan 155 Supported Naziryati Insafians
Haqiqi 62 Supported Naziryati Insafians
Tiger Panel 122  
Independent 189 From the website, or through someone's reference but not formally as a Panel
Total Members 1152  
Expired Memberships 80  
PTI EC UAE 2015 would like to congratulate them and also reiterate upon importance of working together - for the cause. As a elected body in four regions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman you carry a huge responsibility and its burden. 
Also PTI EC UAE 2015 would like to thank DS OIC ME Shahid Hussain for creating the opportunity for the chapter to go into elections and all other related aspects, and to  PTI International Finance Board which has become a great institution for compliance, validation of memberships, and creating the infrastructure that made this all happen. Also our thanks to PTI Web Management team who dealt with all our requests and posted important notifications and press releases in a timely manner. 
With this notification, our responsibility given to us by the party comes to its conclusion  for UAE IPE 2015. Once again, we wish you all the best and keep Pakistan and PTI in your thoughts, hearts, words and actions. 
Asim Khan 
Hamid Sana 
M Omer Zaki