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May 8th, 2018
PPP Gangsters attacked PTI Camp in Gulshan E Iqbal Karachi PTI has announced the date of 12th May for a Jalsa in Hakeem Saeed Ground , Gulshan E Iqbal Karachi. But suddenly PPP came out of no where and claimed the same date and place...
May 7th, 2018
Faisal Javed Khan elected Chairman For SSC on Information Broadcasting and National Heritage in a meeting held today at the Parliament house. He is an advertising/marketing specialist, broadcaster/producer by profession and have been...
May 7th, 2018
LAHORE, Pakistan — Imran Khan, the charismatic cricket star-turned-opposition-leader, is brimming with newfound confidence. With general elections expected in July, Mr. Khan made a spirited claim to lead the next government when he...
May 7th, 2018
Chairman PTI Imran Khan on how PTI prioritised Human development governance in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the need for Peshawar BRT (06.05.18) “I wish you would do a show and ask the local people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, I am confident our...
May 4th, 2018
Fall of wickets continues; Waqas Hassan Mokal from Kasur joins PTI. He was a member of PML-Q from the district Kasur. He met Chairman PTI Imran Khan today and joined Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf.   
May 4th, 2018
Asad Umer Budget speech in National Assembly 3, May 2018   He summed up the performance of PMLN in one single line of Punjabi which means we're still at the same stage even after 5 years. 
May 4th, 2018
Britain MP Naz Shah visits Bani Gala with a delegation and meets Imran Khan. She exchanges the views about the relations of Pakistan and England on different levels. Chairman Imran Khan has warmly welcomed the delegation...
May 4th, 2018
Imran Khan's interview with Hamid Mir 3rd May 2018
May 3rd, 2018
Status quo walls crumble as more wickets fall for PMLN and PPP. A barrage of joinings today as PTI goes from strength to strength in every corner of Pakistan and gains more popularity than ever before. PMLN and PPP are breaking...
May 1st, 2018
Fawad Chaudhry's response to Nawaz Sharif's speech
Fawad Chaudhry's response to Nawaz Sharif's speech in Sahiwal Jalsa. 
May 1st, 2018
April 29 Minar-e-Pakistan Jalsa Highlights A few days before the Jalsa, Chairman PTI Imran Khan had claimed that the Jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan on 29th April will be a Tsunami Plus. He was spot on, we witnessed the history being made...
May 1st, 2018
International Coverage of PTI’s  #MotherofAllJalsas at Minar-e-Pakistan   Press TV Report: Click Here to view the full report.  ----------------------------------------- CGTN Report: Click here to view the...