USA Chapter - Revival - Dated: Dec 20th, 2015 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Chairman Imran Khan has appointed Mr. Shahid Hussain as Secretary for OIC (Office of International Chapters), appointment for Mr. Shahid Hussain can be found following link Appointment of Secretary OIC (4 Dec,2015)

USA Chapter had great contribution for the party in the past but for some reasons its been dormant for a while and/or not performing to its expected potential, we understand its importance and are well aware of the challenges faced by PTI workers in USA. In past few weeks Mr. Shahid Hussain has been in constant touch with several workers and officials appointed by OIC and also with those who are working independently. We understand that there are groups and individuals who have difference of opinion on how PTI should be functioning in the region. We in PTI respect diversity and believe in ???difference of opinion??? as ???healthy???, as long as it remains within dignified mechanism and within party???s code of conduct.

Like most of the International Chapters, Officials in USA Chapters were also appointed based on their performance and long affiliation with the party. We value their hard work and dedication for the party for last several years and we believe that these party workers are important assets, but wherever there are appointments, there are issues; appointments are always questioned, so to ensure discipline in the party,elections in USA chapter is inevitable.

Following are the minimum guide lines.

  • Paying membership fee has been reduced to $50 only per annum
  • MC nomination requires minimum of 20 paying members registered by MC prior to posting at USA insaf web page ( no limits on Mcs per city)
  • Each City will require minimum of 250 paying members to hold IPE for 4 positions (President, Vice President, General Secretary, Information Secretary) (bench mark for paying members per city may change as population of Pakistani may change as well)
  • State body may qualify if they have more than 2 city's elected body
  • There will be no need of a national body
  • Please let's get the membership going to complete chapter as soon as possible


We will keep you posted


Office of International Chapters, PTI