Update from International Finance board - UK/Ireland Elections | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Dear All UK members.

As you are ware that the Cut off dates have been moved to satisfy all as per Tasleem Noorani

No membership numbers were given out at any stage of the process , again at the request of many of the potential candidates , and i asked that members were registered as we go along and not to save until the last day.

However it does appear that there was some reason that UK members decide In huge numbers to do their renewal on the last day , in fact 25% of all membership was done on the last day. Every one of these has now go to be matched with a payment , and for renewals the work is even harder as correct renewal numbers were not inserted properly.

Furthermore lots of bankings have been done without the correct reference numbers so this will also take time to work out whose money it is.

If everyone followed the procedure then creating Lists is not hard , I hope you will  all appreciate that we really dont want to miss any genuine member from the lists so this will take longer than the 24 hours we were given.

I also wish to state that we had a number of memberships registered after the cut off , I will not be including them , and in fact i have done a cut off in system so that it can be transparent and clear for anyone to audit if there be need to , most memberships expired in march so i think 2 months was ample time for members to renew.

We are also getting requests from people to change numbers , The process for this needs to be for us to be provided with some form of ID that has photograph and address , driving license as this is the only way we can be sure we are doing changes correctly and these must be emailed to [email protected]

Finally since Yesterday kay and sysa are getting lots of calls asking when lists will be ready , if the keep getting theses calls then they cant get on with the task in hand , also they and myself are being asked questions in regards to political matters , this is nothing to do with Kay , Sysa or myself , please allow us to to just look after the membership data.




Finance Board UK