Update and guidance for Elected bodies in Europe | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Dear Presidents & office bearer of Elected bodies Europe


First of all accept my personal greetings on successful election. Here are some update and guidance:

  1. You can send once a week political activity of your chapter with max of 4 pictures. Plz try to send group pictures to cover everybody. As an introduction of your elected body, you may also an introductory press release of names of elected body with designation and brief professional profile and individual picture. We are extending partial administrative role to central election commission Europe under Ata Muhammad. Phd to facilitate you throughout the year. So you can send these press release to Ata for posting on Insaf.pk.Plz avoid any personal or controversial statement in the press release as posts on Insaf.pk should be professional.
  2. Once you all agree on a permanent CRC which can be named as Punchiat, you also send one name which should not be from elected body but it will be your representative in Punchiat/CRC of your respective region to Mushtaq Jadoon Sb, he will also take one name from Losing panel and one member will be nominated by OIC. The three member Punchiat will not interfere in any role of elected body. The punchiat will work closely with elected body to resolve complaints, issues and settle them within your region without the need of OIC to interfere in any such region. This has been experimented in France successfully. However, you can give suggestions on the function of such permanent CRC which will be named as Punchiat. We will roll it out only after consensus by all elected bodies. Mushtaq Jadoon sb can provide you the details of experiment we made in France. The purpose is to make you independent in resolving your issues locally without the need of OIC with a broad participation of winning panel, losing panel and OIC.
  3. Plz work on harmony among all including those who lost. Make your executive committee for deliberation and broad consensus among the winning panel. Also appoint head of women wing and Student wing along with women and student committee.
  4. You can plan your activity on 14 Aug to celebrate first elected body of your region and independence day of Pakistan. You can invite one MNA/MPA/Leader from PTI in Pakistan as Chief Guest. Each country chapter may sponsor the visit of chief guest. We can help you in getting the availability of these leaders and get you confirmation. In the past, Dr Arif Alvi, Murad Saeed, Shaukat Yousafzai, Imran Ismail have been invited on the event arranged by elected bodies. Plz remember availability of a leader is his own decision but we can definitely try to reach leader of your choice and get you one of the top leaders. We will also try to arrange and convince Tasneem Noorani sb to visit Europe elected chapters to meet and listen the PTI members himself.
  5. We are also working with constitutional committee to get overseas chapters in the Central Executive Committee and National council after IPE. We will also facilitate Central Election commission to take over the responsibility of elections in overseas chapters after required amendment in the constitution.
  6. None of the members of OIC  will ever visit any elected or non elected PTI chapter with the sponsorship of overseas Pakistanis. None of the members will ever accept any gifts from overseas Pakistanis to keep the role of OIC  neutral. However, overseas chapters are encouraged to sponsor the visits of PTI Leaders to attend their events in order to energise PTI activities in foreign countries.
  7. You should also start working to prepare for General Elections in Pakistan. We suggest to make a committee of all elected overseas chapters to follow up on voters right of overseas Pakistanis in forthcoming elections. This committee will be connected with PTI central leadership to follow up on confirmation and implementation of overseas Pakistanis right to vote in General Elections. I will be point of contact for this initiative. Its right time to start working for 7 Million Pakistanis votes to cast their vote in next elections. We might have to fight a legal battle on this. I request you to join me on this initiative and lets make a difference(Tabdeli)
  8. I also invite all elected chapters  to coordinate with me to hold an event in Pakistan by inviting Chairman Imran Khan along with PTI top leadership in the presence of national media. Lets present this great success story of overseas Pakistanis in Pakistan. Plz coordinate with me.
  9. I also invite you to make a committee of overseas professionals to prepare and recommend ideas for industry, Trade, economics, tourism, KPK, reforms for overseas Pakistanis, bridging overseas Pakistanis with the progress of Pakistan. I am your point of contact for this initiative.
  10. I want to congratulate Ata Muhammad, Chief Election commissioner Europe, M Iqbal, Head of Finance Board and Technical support of Elections and Umar Murtaza, Secretary Social Media and Head of Web management to be the most important factors of this successful exercise to complete the task of 8 elected bodies in Europe within 6 months for the first time but journey will not stop here, we soon going to identify 4 more countries in Europe for paying membership and elections.

Lets start a new but unique chapter of an institution of overseas Pakistanis which go beyond paying membership and elections which help PTI and Pakistan with their skills and experience. We will continue to stick with the democratic values of PTI where representatives of overseas Pakistanis will only come through elections and not by selection.

Pakistan Zindabad,
Best regards

Ahmad Jawad
Organiser PTI Europe & South America