Umeed Team (Yorkshire & Humberside) IPE (2017-2019) | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Umeed Team has uncomplicated manifesto, as we realise this intra-party elections are aimed to involve more and more members. That was the sole reason when fee of membership reduced from ??36 to exactly half ??18, so that we could be attract more and more people to get involved in it.

Therefore our manifesto is just an extension of PTI. We would obviously follow the party's policy all the time and we would try to involve maximum members.

So we would focus on these points:

  1. We would involve all the members in all the events, they would be invited to all the events, meetings or functions.
  2. We would set up more chapters in the major cities of the region which were neglected in the past years like Leeds, Doncaster, Bansley, Hull, Huddersfield, Keighley or even Wakefield. We would also involve even more people in cities like Bradford, Sheffield, Rotherham and Dewsbury.
  3. We would try to generate as much as donations possible for the party in the forthcoming national elections whenever. As we understand any party needs funds for elections to spend on different expenses.


UmeedTeam 2017 UKIPE