Teaching of Holy Quran With translation made compulsory in universities of Punjab | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

A historic step taken by the PTI Government – for in a nation that was created in the name of Islam, to understand and follow the spirit and ethos of the faith holds a central place. Eventually and aptly, it came down to PTI to cover the breach, the lapse as decades had passed but those at the helm of affairs had not taken this fundamental step. It will serve to firmly align the approach and the mindset of Pakistanis towards the core teachings of the beautiful religion. The minorities are to be given the option of understanding generic ethical underpinnings rather. 

The benefits are multidimensional – as at the heart of our societal struggles and issues of intolerance, corruption and injustice, lay the failure hitherto to apply the solutions directed by Islam. This revolutionizing step of the Government would facilitate ingraining a disciplined, empathic and ethical approach in our generations. As they are braced to enter professional domains, the students would be educated on the essence of our religion. There is no doubt this singular step is more of a leap towards rectifying our social and cultural norms. 

It is an affirmative and validating step in the avowed mission of the Prime Minister, of modeling Pakistan’s governance on the tenets of Riyaasat-e-Medina – the evolution of a progressive Islamic welfare state. Thank you for this momentous move, PTI. Thank you, Prime Minister Imran Khan!

 The notification issued by the Govt. of Punjab can be seen below:


Holy quran with translationin Punjab



Story by: Usman Rahman