Senator Mohsin Aziz Speaks in the senate | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
"A new dawn smiled on Pakistan when nation elected PM Imran Khan in 2018 elections. Those who have been criticising the electroal process failed to perform during election campaigns whereas Imran Khan and PTI came forward in full swings with 5 public gathering per day! From dawn till dust, Imran Khan moved from area to area and city to city in order to spread awareness amongst people. That's how you win masses! Those who are crying about rigging should recall the election process of 2013 where Deputy Election commissioner categorically said that he is embrassed on the electoral process. The issue is, in the past riggring did happen and it happened in their favor and since they have been deprived off such privilages in 2018, they have nothing more to say other than whinning about election rigging. " - Senator Mohsin Aziz