Saudi Arabia - Press Release Dated: 10-April-2015 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

It is with great honor and pleasure we announce intra-party election for the very first time in KSA. It wouldn't have been possible without tireless efforts from several dedicated party workers. Elections will be held on 15-May-2015 and membership cutoff date would be 07-May-2015 (12:00 AM KSA time).

All panels are requested to submit their nominations before 10-May-2015, nomination fees will be advised later. We are in the process of reviewing the manifesto for Saudi Arabia and will share with all panels before election.

Additional Notes:-
1. Due to multiple request to hold region wise elections, we are looking into the possibility of conducting elections for every region separately.

2. We are also allowing regions to have elected bodies for cities that does not fulfill minimum 250 paying member criteria on a condition that other cities cover on their behalf. e.g. regions having 750 paying members will be allowed to have elected bodies in three cities on pro-rata basis.

We request all membership coordinator to intensify paying membership drive in order to have more cities covered in this very first election.


Deputy Secretary International Affair (DSIA)
Shahid Hussain