Saudi Arabia - A New Beginning - Dated: 15th May 2015 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

I congratulate you for becoming the first chapter in middle-east to have democratic setup, we all know its not as simple as it sounds, there were tremendous challenges and hurdles in transitioning from selected bodies to elected ones and finally sanity prevailed. It couldn't have been possible without certain individuals and teams who worked in symphony and dedication to make this a reality.

I would like to begin by thanking our Middle East Finance Committee, CRC and EC. My special thanks to Sysa Tanveer (Finnance Team UK office), Mr. Zulqarnain Khan, Ahmed Raza Alvi (PTI KSA Tiger) and Mohammad Omer for playing crucial role in the entire process. I thank both panels PTI-Insafians and PTI-KSA for participating and cooperating in the entire membership drive and all our MCs from each panel for working hard throughout last few months.

Following is the summary of results, detailed membership sheet is also attached, based on the following results an official notification will be issued within 24 hours to announce the wining panels and elected bodies for each region.

Central Region - Total 1469
Insafians - 1464
KSA - 4
No Panel - 1

Western Region - Total 1140
Insafians - 421
KSA - 716
No Panel - 3

Eastern Region - Total 116
Insafians - 33
KSA    - 80
No Panel - 3

God Bless Pakistan and PTI Inshaallah .


Thanks and Regards
Shahid Hussain

Saudi Arabia Central Region List 2015

Saudi Arabia Western Region List 2015

Saudi Arabia Eastern Region List 2015