PTI UK Election ??? Clarification | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


  • Clause XVI: Party Election Commission and its Functions
  • Clause XX:?????? Special Organizations
  • Clause XIV:Amendment to the Constitution


  • Clause II. Mission Statement:
  • Clause XI. Formation of an Election Commission
  • Clause IV. Membership:
  • Clause XIII. Amendments

Dear PTI UK members:

PTI UK has reached its fourth elections successfully becoming the only PTI chapter to have such a steady record of elections and paying membership. It went through 1000 membership in its first year, 3000 membership in its second year and over 4800 membership in its third year. The credit goes to the overseas Pakistanis who made this a successful journey. On behalf of OIC, I am the one who is responsible for PTI UK. In my experience of last three years, hurdles have been created every year to derail election process but, by the grace of Allah all Mighty, we succeeded every time to hold elections successfully with the support of PTI members in UK. Let me clarify with reference to above clauses of PTI constitution and Bye approved by CEC as desired by constitution.

  1. Elections will be held by OIC as scheduled and announced as per constitution and byelaws.
  2. If there will ever be a change in the schedule or byelaws of elections, it will be communicated to PTI UK by myself only.
  3. Since amendment in the constitution and byelaws can only be brought through CEC, so it is practically impossible to bring any amendment to current policy.
  4. Membership cutoff date has been extended to 19th of May due to confusion created recently.

In the last, but not least, I request all PTI workers and members to work together for another successful election in UK without any interruption.


Farhat Faheem
Deputy Secretary International Chapters