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Ref: Sec/OIC/UK/001/260816

Office of International Chapters ??? United Kingdom

Office Memo
26 August 2016


This OIC Memo is for attention of all members of the UK Chapter:

  1. The extended time of one month issued to the UK Elected Body expired on 8 August 2016, therefore the Elected Body stands dissolved and new elections will be held to elect the new UK Chapter. New membership stands open as of today and a detailed election schedule and code of conduct will be shared by next week. The membership fee for becoming a member is ??18 (Eighteen Pounds)/Annum.
  2. Any fund raising that is done by any individual or body under the PTI banner, the amount of which will be deposited in the PTI UK Official Account which is overseen by Mr. Muhammad Iqbal. There will be no parallel accounts or any other mode of collection as subscribed by the UK Official Account.  
  3. Mr. Asad Mehmood will retain the position of Deputy Secretary OIC.


Yours sincerely,

Aizaz Asif
Acting Secretary OIC


20160826 OIC UK Memo001 260816