PTI South Korea Membership Meeting to discuss upcoming IPE | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

On 29th January 2017, a meeting was held in Itaewon. Membership and upcoming IPE-South Korea was basic agenda of meeting.

Following are the minutes for your reference:

-It was decided to start membership campaign through membership coordinators of specific area's. 
-All membership coordinators are requested to make at-least 20 members.
-Membership cutoff date is 20th February 2017.
-Those who are interested to become membership coordinator please contact any of the existing coordinator ASAP.
- All members must be having a valid legal Allien ID.
- In order to streamline the process another meeting is going to held in daegu on Sunday (5th-2017)

Following will be the membership coordinators for Seoul and Daegu Regions:


1) Wali Khan
2) Arslan Shehzad
3) Muhammad Abduhu
4) Muhammad Farooq Khan (Daejeon)
5) Sharaig Sb (Seoul)
6) Sajjad Hussain (Sejong)
7) Syed Kamran Sami (SKKU)
8) Hassan Hafeez (Sejong city)
9) Ikram Syed
10) Umair Rana (SNU)


1) Yasin Baloch
2) Qasim Jadoon
3) Nadeem Malik
4) M Ibrahim Chaudhary
5) Nadeem Gull
6) Muhammad Alam
7) Mubashar Gondal (Busan)
8) Mazhar Bashir 
9) Muhammad Ali Johar (Gwangju)

These members are requested to please update list of 20 members before 20th February and collect 30000 KRW from each member.

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