PTI South Korea Elected Body holds Members Meeting and Announces their Extended Cabinet | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

In consultation with the elected members and the President of PTI South Korea, the following personals have been assigned to the corresponding cabinet positions in the best interest of PTI South Korea. The announced cabinet members will take charge with immediate effect and work for the development of PTI South Korea to the best of their knowledge and ability.

  1. Student Wing

Secretary     Mr. Farooq Khan Niazi

               Ad.Sec           Mr. Qasim Khan Jadoon

               Ad.Sec           Mr. Atif Khan Khalil

               Ad.Sec           Mr. Minhaj Khan

               Ad.Sec           Mr. Jamil ur Rehman

               Ad.Sec           Mr. Ansar Latif

               Ad.Sec           Mr. Qari Muhammad Imran

  1. Media Wing

Secretary     Mr. Zahid Hussain

Ad.Sec           Mr. Atta ur Rehman

Ad.Sec           Mr. Asif Ali

Ad.Sec           Mr. Siddiqui Umair Ahmed

Ad.Sec           Mr. Muhammad Amjad

  1. Business Wing  

Secretary     Malik Nadeem Akhtar


  1. Labor Wing  

Secretary      Chaudhary Muhammad Ibrahim

  1. Women Wing

Secretary     Nosheen Khan


Bilal Saeed Khan

General Secretary

PTI South Korea