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Sheikhapura Marh 11: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Women Wing Sheikhapura District?s representative Humaira Ali Kazmi was formerly notified as the District Organsier Sheikhupura and commended for her work as she had organized the wing at the district level and has inducted office bearers who have begun working in the area.

The Party had organized several events as Chairman Imran Khan was invited to visit the area to address the Sheikhapura Bar, the Students, PTI?s Women Wing and finally to attend the PTI workers convention.

The Women Wing of the District had held a successful membership campaign, having reached out to women from all strata of society. A number of students and teachers have joined the party and have become active members.

On Friday, DO Humaira Kazmi invited Regional Organizer Lahore, Dr Nousheen Hamid Miraj, Deputy Regional Shahnaz Perveen, to meet the newly appointed office bearers and to address the women of the area. Speaking at the function Mrs Humaira appreciated the Party?s leadership?s interest in the district. She thanked President Punjab Syeda Saloni Bokhari Information Secretary Punjab Talath Naqvi, Joint Secretary Punjab Yasmine Khan, Regional Organiser Central Punjab Dr Seemi Bokhari,  Deputy Information Secretary Punjab Aneela Malik, District Organiser Lahore Sadia Sohail, Information Secretary Lahore Farahnaz Ahmed,  Johar Town Organiser Ayesha Khalid and Sobia Kamal Coordinator Lahore District, who had been invited on the occasion, for joining Dr Nousheen and Shahnaz Perveen in taking time out to visit Sheikhapura. She gave an account of the work being done in the area and appreciated the support the party had been giving the women?s wing at the local level.

Dr Nousheen addressed the gathering and commended the efforts of the DO and congratulated the newly appointed office bearers and their performance. She said it is women who have changed the fate of nations and no country rises without women working shoulder to shoulder along with the men. This is true today as it was in the times of the Prophet Mohammad PBUH, who encouraged women to join His work at every level. 

Chairman Imran Khan handed the notifications to the office bearers:


District Organiser Humaira Ali Kazmi,

City President, Tahira Chohan,

General Secretary Razia Saeed,

Joint Secretary Nazia Naveed,

Vice President Atiya Naqvi,

Information Secretary Shaheen Kauser Naqvi,

Finance Secretary Tahira Batool.


The Chairman then congratulated the office bearers and their efforts and addressed the crowd who asked a number of pertinent questions regarding the present state of government and the rise in prices of all essential commodities and inflated taxes.

President Saloni Bokhari in her speech said that women have to come forth as time was running out and the country was in urgent need for a new and honest leader. Addressing the women she said they should not ?sell? their votes for a bag of flour, or for short term gains, She said we have to look to for long term gains and that can only happen if the people vote in leaders who are not corrupt and are willing to work to uplift the country and the people. She said PTI was a party that wanted to see the country and the people prosper. ?Our Chairman is known and respected as a man of principles and we should be proud that we have such a man as our leader in Pakistan. We need him to lead us and provide good governance. This is not going to be an easy task, but he has the capacity to do this with your support. PTI women have to work hard at reaching out to get the support the party needs to win the election.?

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