PTI KSA 2nd Fund Raising Meeting Organized in Yanbu (Western Region) | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
<p>&#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; &#160; PTI KSA 2nd Fund Raising MeetingOrganized in Yanbu (Western Region)</p> <div>&#160;</div> <div>ISS Jeddah (Western Region - Saudi Arabia) organized an event on 11thof April, Thursday</div> <div>2013 at Yanbu for fund raising where people from all segments of the society (businessmen,</div> <div>engineers, technician, labors and educationist came to participate in this event.Mr. Mirza</div> <div>Nadim Ul Haque, Coordinator Western Region, Mr. Prof. Sultan and Imran Malik went to attend</div> <div>this event from Jeddah. The event started with recitation of Holy Quran and brief introduction</div> <div>of participants. ISS team of Yanbu,welcome all participants. Mr. Mirza Nadim Ul Haque,</div> <div>Coordinator Western Region briefed about PTI/ISS and the NAYA Pakistan vision of beloved</div> <div>Koptan ???Imran khan???. He told the participants how we should support the PTI and how we can</div> <div>save our Pakistan, what the value of vote is and how vote can help to change the Pakistan and</div> <div>we need not to sit at home on 11th of May 2013 go and vote and put share for NAYA Pakistan.</div> <div>He also briefed how to become a part of Tabeeli Razakar for overseas Pakistanis and shared</div> <div>the 12-point election manifesto ensuring justice and equal opportunities to all segments of the</div> <div>society, making Pakistan an Islamic welfare state as envisioned by Quaid and Iqbal, uprooting</div> <div>of all sorts of injustices and exploitations, introducing an sovereign foreign policy based on</div> <div>friendly ties with all states on the basis of transparency, mutuality of interests and respect for</div> <div>sovereignty.</div> <div>&#160;</div> <div>He also briefed the participants how they can financially support the PTI especially for NAYA</div> <div>Pakistan to become paid member, to purchase the T-Shits of Imran khan and donation in NAYA</div> <div>Pakistan fund. It is also decided that fund raising meeting will be conducted every week till</div> <div>general election.</div> <div>&#160;</div> <div>ISS Yanbu (Western Region - Saudi Arabia) team thanks all who supported &amp; participated for</div> <div>betterment of Pakistan and Mr. Mirza Nadim Ul Haque, thank all teammates who had put</div> <div>in their full efforts to organize this successful event in such short time specially Mr.Mazhar</div> <div>Iqbal Khan, Sarfraz Ahmed , Saadat Aziz, Zulqarnain Malik ,Rizwan Khan, Faisal Mahmood,</div> <div>Mohammad Asghar, Nasibullah Khan, Anjim Bilal Khokar, Tanvir Riaz for their Dedication.</div>