PTI Ireland Elections Voting Procedure?????? | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
  1. Voting will start on Saturday 13th June at 9am local time in Ireland it will finish at 9am on the Sunday 14th June, giving full 24 hours as per normal.
  2. Voters will need to send a text to +353873700623 with the 2 digit choice of the panel code
    • (23 OR 94)
  3. Correct responses will confirm who the vote was for and a 5 character confirmation code will be sent to vote i.e. "pYvY2??? this is unique and should be kept by voter for any future audit.
  4. Only those numbers registered will be allowed to vote all other numbers will be blocked and response will be sent to them informing them they are not authorized to vote.
  5. Anyone sending a text for both panels will have their vote excluded from the process and will be later verified by the EC.
  6. Anyone sending a message without the 2 digit code will be informed of an error and asked to vote send the text gain to give correct vote.
  7. No telephone calls will be taken by any voter on Election Day, in case of facing any technical difficulty or concerns please contact election commission via send email to [email protected]