PTI Europe Success Story | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Dear Overseas Pakistanis

We learnt the art of focus &sheer determination from our chairman Imran Khan to achieve a certain goal. Two years back when I was given Europe, it was a dead region with over 100 paying members in Scandinavian countries and rest of Europe without a single paying membership . Elections were never held in these countries. We took up the challenge with the help of OIC, Finance board UKand most importantly Membership Coordinators, PTI workers and members in Europe. We together started building new vision and avenue for overseas chapters in Europe.

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that in last 6 months, we announced elections in nine countries within Europe mostly for the first time.

We have made 3,053 paying members in last 6 months in Denmark, France, Norway, Greece, Germany, Belgium, Italy, spain, Austria.

Our success was not restricted to Europe only. ShahidHussain with the help of committed workers & members of PTI made miracles in Middle East and KSA. Zero membership in this region rose to 7000 members in just 4 months.With UK managed by FarhatFaheem already touched 5000 members. Japan and Australia worth mentioning. In total target of 15000 membership per year has already been achieved and it will cycle every year.With upcoming paying membership& elections in UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia & other countries, we will cross Twenty Five thousand memberships by the end of this year. Every year, we expect a growth of 30%.

Chairman has appreciated the efforts of overseas Pakistanis and advised to consider giving more participation to overseas Pakistanis such as membership in CEC, voting right in Intra party elections, and Annual convention of Overseas Pakistanis alternately in Europe, Middle East, America with the participation of top leadership. Time has come for overseas Pakistanis to reach to the next level of success where they will be able to play a better role for Pakistan. OIC has transformed into an institution and will continue to play its role to regulate, facilitate & help overseas chapters.

Please see following statistics in Europe overseas chapters and paying membership:

  • Three elected bodies currently working with the addition of five more elected bodies in 3 weeks??? time making it a total of 8 elected bodies of PTI in Europe.
  • 1, 670 paying members in just one month.
  • 3,053paying?? membership in Europe in 6 months.
  • Current status of paying membership in Europe as follows:
  1. Belgium?ت? ?تت? ?تت? ?تتت? 101
  2. Germany?? ?تت? ?تت? ?تت? 361
  3. Greece?تتتت? ?تت? ?تتتتت? 225
  4. Italy?تتتتتتتت? ?تت? ?تتتتت? 335
  5. Spain?تتتتتت? ?تت? ?تتتتت? 613
  6. Austria?تتت? ?تت? ?تتتتتتت? 35
  7. France ?تت? ?تت? ?تت? ?تت? 532
  8. Denmark ?تت? ?تت? ?تتت? 533
  9. Norway?تت? ?تت? ?تتت? ?ت? 318


Let???s work together for AikNaya Pakistan.

Ahmad Jawad
Dy Secretary international Chapters Europe.