PTI Europe overseas Chapters - Roadmap | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Empowerment and recognition of overseas chapters in Europe was a dream for years. Today after holding 4th consecutive elections in UK and 10th elections in Europe in last 8 months with around 10,000 paying membership is an evidence of a first ever elected structure in Europe which is unmatched by any other political party of Pakistan.

During this entire process of elections and paying membership, we have seen a trend of tarnishing the image of PTI in overseas chapters using media, social media and Group chain Emails by few people. Anybody bringing disputes, personal attacks, putting baseless allegations on PTI officials, misleading PTI members, creating confusion in the media or social media come under serious violation of party discipline, also promulgated through OIC code of conduct dated 15 Jun 2015. Two names who consistently indulged into irresponsible practices are Mian Tariq Javed and Nadeem Yousaf. We hereby clarify that none of them is member of any PTI overseas chapters; none of them hold any official position in the overseas organization of PTI. All PTI members are advised to be careful on their repeated attempts to mislead PTI overseas members. Any joint official event of PTI overseas chapters can only be organized by elected bodies and approved by OIC. Elected bodies and MCs are free to hold local official events of PTI in their respective regions.

Following new activities are being planned in PTI Europe overseas chapters during the month of July 2015:

  1. Announcement of commencing paying membership in 6 new chapters in Europe followed up by elections.
  2. Establishment of Overseas professional committee PTI Europe.
  3. Establishment of Overseas right of vote Committee with the participation of all regions.
  4. Establishment of General election voters mobilizing Committee PTI Europe.
  5. Establishment of Overseas Coordination Committee PTI Europe.


In next phase, we are shortly introducing a new phase of empowerment to overseas chapters through various committees such as Conflict resolution Committee, European Coordination Committee, Overseas right of vote Committee, Overseas Think Tank, Overseas General Election Pakistan mobilizing Committee. Representation in these committees will be finalized with the consultation of elected bodies, losing panel and OIC.

Mushtaq Jadoon has been assigned the job of making contact with all elected bodies, losing panel, MCs and PTI members to find right members for each committee through a democratic selection process.



Ahmad Jawad
Organizer PTI Overseas Chapters Europe