PTI Election Committee for KSA??? & Middle East??? Chapters | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Monday, August 08, 2016

Dear x-Office Holders,

I would like to form an Election Committee that shall under my direction coordinate with the teams and MCs on the ground to carryout day to day tasks and activates. It is very important for us to work as a team in a professional manner, thus communication is the first step towards our goal.

This committee shall be responsible for guiding, informing, educating and monitoring all membership activities, membership cards distribution, data and finance accuracy and compilation, listening to complaints and providing any assistance as required. Moreover, this committee shall plan, execute and monitor all Election Process Activities as well.

Election Committee shall Constitute of 12 Members.

1. 2 Members from Each Region -_? Total 6

2. 2 Members from Finance& Secretaries _? Total 2

3. We will add one city representative based on the performance of the city.

Committee shall elect its chairman and shall coordinate on WhatsApp.

Criteria for Becoming Member from Each Region:

1. Member must be qualified as MC

2. Members cannot contest or hold any official position during 2016-17 tenure

3. Member must have previously worked with PTI in the Region

4. Members must have good English and electronic correspondence skills.

5. One member from other panel if existed in the past.

Kindly, shortlist and provide me with 2 names from each region before 18th August. After review names shall be published on

If any MC has a complaint against any committee member they shall file a written complaint along with evidence directly to me, In case of violation to PTI of code of Conduct the member shall be replaced with appropriate person.

All Policy Matter and Notification shall require my approval.

I appreciate your cooperation, and looking forward to building the best PTI Team in the Region.


For Further details PTI well wisher, supporter interested in participating in the local body election from Saudi Arabia,Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait can contact :-

Mr. Zulqiurnain Ali Khan
Cheif Organizer PTI (Middle East).
Mobile & WhatsApp:
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates.

Mr. Raiz Badani
CO Office Cordinator
Mobile & What'sApp
+966 54 878 2224???