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Paid membership process for PTI Denmark

  • You must be over the age of 18 to become a paying member of PTI.
  • All membership data must be entered using the electronic online form provided; paper forms are no longer accepted.
  • Membership fee is fixed equivalent to 36 Euro for normal paying membership and 12 Euros for students per year, both are payable in full, the fee is accepted under the understanding that it is a donation to the party. Election Commission to announce equivalent amount of 36 Euros and 12 Euros.
  • Payment methods are as per form. All payments are to be electronic using credit card, debit card, Paypal or bank transfer, western Union transfer. Cash payments will no longer be accepted. In the case of making a payment by electronic transfer or depositing in a bank it will be the members??? responsibility to use the membership number emailed to them when submitting funds.
  • Family membership is available and direct family members may be added to the one ???family??? membership. In future elections each family member will have their own vote subject to membership fees paid in full. The family member must be residing at the same address.
  • Any membership issues must be addressed to the election commission PTI Denmark. Election Commission will provide official email contact for such purpose.
  • Official PTI bank details are :

Lloyds TSB

Sort Code 30-92-90

Account Number 26675768

  • As elections are to be done by text message, a mobile number must be given, in the event of family membership one mobile number for the whole family will be acceptable, while each family member will have one vote.
  • The member will need to specify if they want to share their data or not.

To ease payment method, a member who does not have a credit card or Paypal account can ask someone else to pay on their behalf, however a limit of 4 membership fees payment by anyone person will be placed to avoid bulk membership registration.

Schedule & Procedure:

Office of International (OIC) is pleased to announce membership cut-off date for upcoming elections in PTI Denmark by 7 December 2014.

Elections will be held on panel basis, Candidates Nomination will be accepted between 8 and 10 December 2014.

Elections will take place on Sunday 14 December of 2014 00:01 am to 23:59 pm.

A self-declaration form to be submitted by all the potential candidates, with a view to disclosing any areas which could potentially bring PTI into disrepute. This will include, but is not limited to areas such as: conflicts of interest, criminal background or financial concerns. Any subsequent investigations, should these be required will be borne by the candidate.

     Voting would be polled through text message (SMS). Election Commission/international Finance board will also make the recorded phone facility available this time for those who are not able to get SMS delivery confirmation.

Should any conflict arise the Conflict Resolution Committee (CRC) will deal with this. Should there be no resolution at this level, it would then be referred to the Office of International Chapter (OIC) and finally to the Secretary General Office in Pakistan. Any such complaint/appeal should be dealt within the 4 weeks time.

The tenure of the elected bodies will be 1 year.

With provision that membership will be reviewed on 6 month basis, if at any given point membership drops below 50% for any given chapter, a joint review as per international Bylaws will be undertaken and support will be provided

The OIC can dissolve a chapter or other designated organization in preparation for an election or where in the opinion of the OIC re-organization has to take place)

Code of Conduct for PTI Denmark Elections 2014

The code of conduct for the PTI Denmark elections is hereby being communicated for all PTI Denmark members in general and membership coordinators in particular. All concerned are asked to read it thoroughly and strictly abide by it. Any individuals or collective act against the code of conduct below will result in immediate disqualification from the election process. The Office of International Affairs will implement this code of conduct strictly to its letter and spirit.

  1. There should be no self-announced bodies or committees, it should be clear that all communication will be from OIC and Insaf PK.
  2. All election candidates and members should not indulge in corrupt practices, vote buying, threats of violence will not be tolerated.
  3. None of PTI leadership should be invited to PTI Denmark during the election period, the organisers will be responsible if any central, regional or provincial leadership is invited by any group.
  4. No financial inducement or inducement in kind may be offered to secure support.
  5. No action should bring disrepute to the party. Personal attacks, maligning tactics and abuse will be strictly dealt with.

Complaints Process

 An Election Commission Committee has been announced and it will deal with complaints.

  • If any member wishes to register a complaint against any candidate it must be done in writing via email to any of the election commissioners.
  • All complaints must come with credible proof, no allegations will be considered without physical proof. Anyone making baseless allegations will be potentially risking disciplinary action.
  • All complaints will be handled by the Election Commission, and as per the party rules his decision will be final.
  • All valid complaints will be acknowledged and given a response within 3 days.


Please see below the procedure for 2014 Inter Party Election in PTI Denmark.

  1. On day of voting a SMS will be sent to all mobile phone numbers registered, the message body will contain the details of panels contesting and will ask for a response from the member to choose which panel they wish to elect. The options will be kept simple, the format at this stage is likely to be a 2 digit numerical response:

For example: ???For panel ???name??? lead by Imran Khan reply 58

                      For panel ???name??? lead by Nawaz Sharif reply 62???

A confirmation text will be sent once vote is cast by member.

  • Our system will notify all those numbers that for network reasons did not get a text, we will resend the text and if required will contact those members and give instructions on how to cast vote.
  • On Election Day a helpline will be available for members to ring for any issues, the number will be intimated by election commision.
  • For those members who are travelling abroad they need to let the Election Commision know of alternative contact method, we will be unable to make changes to the database of held members on the day, so please any issues inform before election date.
  • Any family membership has the option to cast as a family or to vote individually. We need to be provided separate numbers if the latter is chosen route. If individual numbers are not provided then the system will allot the same vote choice, for example if the lead family member votes for a panel and there are no mobile phone numbers held for the rest of the family then the same panel choice will be allotted against rest of family membership.
  • If member replies with something that is slightly wrong in format for example, in point 1 of this procedure we are looking for response of 58 or 62, if reply is Imran Khan 58 then vote will be still valid against that panel, if reply is not clear we will contact member and ask them to clarify.

Please note we will not accept any request that is to change for panel that has been voted for.

  1. If any questions please send email to Election Commission PTI Denmark.Election Commision will announce its official email address.
  2. PTI Denmark Election Commission to coordinate with International Finance Board for technical support which includes paying members list, voting list, funds generated, any other inquiry.


Dr. Humayun Mohmand,
Secretary International Affairs,
for Office of Secretary General, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Notification # 01-UK-04 dated 15/01/2014