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Key Points



  • I want to thank our woman ministers especially, Chief Amir Dogar explained their performance and improvements in the assembly.
  • I want to thank our minorities for their participation


Karachi Stock Exchange Terrorist Attack

  • First, I want to acknowledge the heroes of Pakistan o Sub Inspector Shahid Shaheed o Stock exchange security guard Iftikhar o Stock exchange security guard Khuda yar,  

o Stock exchange security guard Hasan Ali, and I heard that unfortunately when his sister heard the news of his death, she died of heart attack as well.

  • The reason I want to acknowledge these heroes is because they have sacrificed their lives along with our security forces who fought and thwarted a large and heavily planned by our neighbor Hindustan to destabilize Pakistan
  • They came with lots of ammunition and only aim was to get into the stock exchange and take people hostage and repeat the same terrorism attack that had happened in Mumbai and similarly kill innocent people and create an atmosphere in the country of instability and we never had a doubt that this happened from Hindustan.
  • In the last 2 months, I have told my cabinet ministers that all our agencies were on high alert and our intelligence agencies have thwarted at least 4 major terror attacks by pre-empting them, two are around Islamabad. We were prepared and ready for these sorts of attacks to happen, we know that even the largest/strongest of intelligence agencies can not stop such attacks, this is a big victory for our country, and I want to congratulate these heroes along with our intelligence agencies.


Budget 2020-2021

  • I know how difficult it was to make this budget, we were supposed to collect PKR 5 trillion in the financial year, revised to 4.9 trillion, which we were looking to achieve. 17% collection increase in taxes, but then COVID struck and then the lockdown had a large impact on the economies, not just in Pakistan but the whole world. Our revised target was then changed to 3.9 trillion, a PKR 1 trillion shortfall, this is the current number, the real value of losses of lockdown are not yet known.
  • Lots of criticism on our team that they don’t know what they are doing, but I want to thank them and congratulate them because we didn’t do the lockdown that we were being pressured to do, like in Sindh. Due to 18th amendment, provinces make their own decisions, if it were up to me, I wouldn’t do the lockdowns, I would have attempted to keep construction, small shops etc. to keep going but since we were watching and emulating Europe and Wuhan China, however, our circumstances our different.


Lockdown and its impact

  • In all countries where there is poverty, large number of daily workers and an informal economy, 80% of laborers aren’t even registered, even in America people are standing in line to get food despite the fact they have a formal economy and relief funds are going directly to their banks.
  • All the poor folks got stuck at home, especially daily laborers, and while I was being criticized to lock down, one should inform them that when cars would go to the places where people live, the cars would be attacked, because they were hungry.
  • I am glad we decided to open up some sectors (with SOPs) and we were the first to do so, slowly the world is accepting it that there is only one way to fight COVID and that is through smart lockdown, and we had no confusion, only those were confused who had not been to poor neighborhoods.
  • We opened early and secondly, I want to thank Sania Nishtar and her team on how they in a very short span of time, distributed such large funds so transparently which is exemplary for places with an informal economy.
  • Our entire service sector was stalled, tourism was impacted badly, even globally. Small private schools have been badly affected. These hard-working people have been hurt most, not people like us, and we are thinking on how to help their lives more. Small and medium industry has been badly hurt. People are going through difficult times. Thankfully, our agriculture didn’t get impacted, globally food prices have risen a lot
  • Our next challenge is when our tax collection will increase, we have given some great packages. Hammad Azhar has provided several assistances to them and taken away lots of taxes, but still it will be a challenge that an economy that was coming out of recession and is now facing this challenge.


State-owned enterprise (SOE) reforms

  • Charles Dickens, “It was the worst of times, and it was the best of times”, to make this our best of times, we have to think about the money that should go towards, health, education etc. that is going towards loss making government corporations, (SOEs), in which power sector is the biggest quagmire o The power sector issues are things we have inherited, and to fix them we cannot tinker with the system, we need drastic changes, so I am saying today that we are ready for those changes and when these changes happen, those benefitting from the status quo will resist but we are out of options, e.g. in PIA
    • PIA was one of the best airlines and it has been spoiled because of mafias within the system. Not sure if Sarwar Khan mentioned, in 11 years, 10 Chief executives have been forced to resign, our current chief couldn’t work because of cases for 5 months, till he won. How can such an agency work like this. Until we reform them, there is no way forward, we can avoid it because someone will do a strike, where this country is, reform is unavoidable.
    • The following: Power sector, PIA, Railways, Steel Mills (8 billion profit 10 years ago, now in 250 billion loss). Since steel mills has been closed, 34 billion have been paid in salaries alone to 9000 people. In a country where half our funds collected in 2018-19 went to debt payments, how can this be done.
  • If we don’t fix this, this, will compound further, so we cannot go on as is, either we will reform, or we will have to face even worse times.
  • There are mafias within organizations and then there are cartels and monopolies such as the sugar cartel. What we see from the findings is that a few people making windfall profits. We want our industries, companies and agriculture to flourish and make money, but they need to fulfill their responsibilities and pay their taxes, that’s how productive societies works, that’s how the state of Medina worked, Zakat was collected from the wealthy and spent on lower cadres, that’s what Scandinavian welfare states are based on. 
    • Sugar cartel takes 29 billion in subsidy and gives 9 billion in taxes in total, provide expensive sugar. All the regulators that are there to stop them are involved with them including the FBR.
  • It is our mission to have a system of justice and we will bring all these cartels under the rule of law. This would not have happened without the patronage of past governments, why else do Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif have sugar mills. It is to convert black money to white and this is present everywhere. We will hold inquiries everywhere.
  • The promise I made to my country, on establishing the state of Medina o The acting opposition leader, (I don’t mind the opposition and hence they don’t matter) who was foreign minister as well, said to Asian Society interview in D.C. that we are different because we are liberal and other are not, however I know the only type of liberal they are is liberally corrupt.
    • The damage that Pakistan’s leadership has done in the past, even an enemy can’t do, I’ve heard since 1988, whoever goes to the west, says save me, I’m liberal and moderate, choose me, otherwise they’ll take over. That’s because they have no faith. 
    • I have always said my vision is to make Pakistan like the state of Medina. I’ve emphasized world that the state of Medina gave rights to women, freed slaves, gave equal status to minorities, and the biggest thing they had was humanity, it was a social welfare state, the prophet (pbuh) in his last sermon said all are equal irrespective of race, something African American have not gotten in the US. 
    • It was a modern state on modern principles. Allah (SWT) has said follow the prophets sunnah will go up, and the same for each nation, even if they aren’t Muslim. The society which has humanity and merit will prosper. Scandinavian countries are close to that, we are very far away.


Acknowledging health care workers

• I want to acknowledge and thank our healthcare workers, who are risking their lives and working tirelessly, the government is supporting them as much as possible, but their real reward is in Jannat, because they are doing true Jihad.


Morals and humanity

  • The prophet raised the moral standards of his people. The same society changed, and he did this with his own actions. In Indonesia and Malaysia, no Muslims army went, only traders and Sufis went but people saw their character and converted.
  • The biggest destruction the last 3 decades of politics has caused is destroying our morality.
    • Example is of Khawaja Asif, who said people will forget about Panama, when Nawaz Sharif made false statements about his assets. He didn’t know the case would go to Supreme court.
    • These people are not democrats, they defend convicted people, and this has resulted in young people losing their value system.
    • Rumi said “A country dies when it can’t differentiate between good and bad”
    • Zardari has fake accounts and did money laundering through Ayyan Ali. Doesn’t show up for hearings.
    • How can the PM of a nation of 220 M be working abroad? The foreign minister, defense minister taking 15-20 lakhs/month from foreign currently for 5 years. This wasn’t salary, it was something else. 
  • From day one they said government failed. They made the house bankrupt and asking people of the house, why its bankrupt. Did they not see the national debt going from 6 to 30 trillion, did they not see or say at that time that the govt is failing? At that time, they were together. PMLN can be liberal one

day and give money to Jihadis the next day. They have no religion or faith. They are together on one point, they are scared till this govt is here, their theft will be caught.



  • I didn’t say, I’m not leaving. No seat is strong. Its all on Allah. We are here today, not tomorrow. 
  • I live in my own house, and cover all my expenses except travel and security, and I do it so that I don’t have to worry about leaving my seat. So, I don’t have to compromise on my rules and ideology.
  • Whenever I’m told to hide the PIA report, when people lives are in danger because of fake licenses then an accident happens, blood is on my hands. It’s on the country.
  • To all the young parliamentarians, I want to tell you, never be afraid to lose your seat. Ghabrana nahin hai. Seat can come and go but what should not change is your ideology. Stick to them, there will be ups and downs, please accept it, the bigger your struggle, the bigger the ups and downs, no one has achieved success without ups and downs, without struggling you can’t accomplish much. When you become a chairman of a party without struggle, you say ‘When rain comes, water comes”.
  • You are saying lockdown, without realizing the impact on the poor and how they live.
  • Leadership is about the struggle, difficult times are the biggest test for a leader, and he does that if he can struggle, woh ghabrata nahin hai.


Next Steps

  • Where are country stands now, this is the toughest time in our history, and we are prepared for reforms.
  • Main focus will be on the construction industry, which I am monitoring myself because it will provide jobs, we are also supporting agriculture and thirdly industry, small and medium enterprise.
  • We must realize this country is a gift from God and its our fault that we have not benefitted from it. We have been blessed with many things, but we don’t realize all that we have. The biggest of all is our strategic geographic location.
  • Relationship with China – If we do our reforms and bring house in order,  o Pakistan will be an example for the developing world like we were in the 60’s.
  • Nobody can bring this government down as long we stand on our beliefs and ideology. We will go down if we give NRO to 6-7 people.

o Musharraf government was not bad but NRO by Musharraf brought us down and nation was looted in the next 10 years. Look at the economy, before and after NRO. 

  • That’s what they are trying to do, put pressure on Imran Khan, do minus 1 and get away, they don’t know even if minus 1 happens, the others here won’t leave them either.

Summary by: Sajjad Haider