Prime Minister Imran Khan speaks to the nation - 19th August 2018 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Speech with English subtitiles 


[Imran Khan in his first address to the nation highlighted all the ideals of an Islamic Welfare Society and quoted from the Riasat of Medina from 1400 years ago and how those ideals agree in the Western world today. In his opening speech; he made the bridge between Islam’s ideals for society and how it exists in the modern form in the form of justice and equality, human rights, no one being above the law, the environment, and even rights for animals. A perfect bridge between the Muslim world and the west. Something no leadership from the Muslim world has been able to do in over 17 years of this perception that was built of Islam in the West]

First and foremost I want to thank each and every one of my workers, team members. Who joined me in this movement. There are two types of politics; one is for personal gain and one is as a mission to change people’s lives. I never looked at politics as a career. When I joined politics, I always saw it as my mission to make this country into a model welfare state. Our purpose was to make Pakistan an Islamic Welfare State on the principles of justice and equality. Today; I am remember all those people who are no longer with us today.

Ahsan Rashid who lost his life battle to cancer, and Saloni Bokhari who was with us through this struggle. I present my salute and thanks to her.
They supported me at a time when people used to make fun of us. Saloni Bokhari was there for us from the beginning. I think all the workers who stood with me in the toughest of times; when people at even their homes would make fun of them. I wouldn’t be here without you. 

First I want to put in front of the nation where we stand today, and where we can go from here. We have never had this kind of an economic crisis in our history. Today our debt stands at 28000 billion. In our history of 60 years our debt was 6000 billion. Uptil 2013 Our debt went up to 15000 billion and from 2013-2018 it reached 28000 billion. Just think; the debt of our entire history as a nation against where we are today, We will do a complete audit on where this money went. On top of it we will look into what level of interest we are paying on our loans and to pay that interest we are taking loans. The last year of the PPP government their annual foreign debt was 2 billion dollars. In this last year, we have had to take 2 billion dollars worth of loans every month. In 2013 60 billion dollars was our external debt. Today, that stands at 95 billion dollars. The pressure on the rupee is all because of this; because our foreign debt accelerated. I will also move to tell you we will solve this together; there is no need to worry... we can come out of this. 

The second thing I want to talk to you about is our human development index. According to a UNDP report; we are amongst those 5 countries where the majority of children die of dirty drinking water. Where a huge number of women die while giving birth. Unfortunately we are one of those few countries in the world where our children suffer from stunted growth; this affects their brains directly which are not able to develop fully. This is 45 percent of the children of Pakistan; meaning every second child is not getting proper nutrition. Because we are not giving them proper nutrition, their race in life, they are always left behind. They are never to keep up with peers. Imagine how their parent feels when they see their children like this. 

I am showing you today where we stand. And InshAllah we change course. We have two routes ahead of us. One is where we stand today. We have no money for our children, no justice for our poor, to help our farmers, we can not give our children clean drinking water, we can’t give employment and our debts are growing. On the other side we have another path. 

It is shameful that the ruling elite in Pakistan sees these circumstances on one side and on the other side is their way of live. The PM house of Pakistan has 524 staff; it is a country under debt but look at this expenditure. It has 80 vehicles, 33 of them are bullet proof vehicles. Each bullet proof vehicle is over 5 crores. There are helicopters and aircrafts. Then there are governor houses and CM houses; they have their own vehicles.Our commissioners and DC’s live in massive houses. On one side a nation is underprivileged and in debt ; who can’t even spend on their people. On the other side ruling class lives like the colonialists even after we became free. These governors houses were made by colonialists, We can’t fix the basic necessities and their facilitation in the country. But look at how we live. Look at how much we have spent on foreign trips. 65 crore rupees on foreign trips. Where does this money go? Speaker National Assembly had a budget of 16 crores, he spent 8 crores out of that on foreign trips. What do they go to do? Are they conquering these other countries? I am putting all this in front of you because I want you to understand that we are descending into chaos. Allah says he will never change the fate of a people till they do not help themselves. We have to change ourselves and our outlook; the way we live. And we have to become empathetic that half our population can not eat two meals a day. This stunted growth disease is there because we can not feed our children. Till we do not change our mindset; till we don’t start to think way will happen of the 2.5 crore kids who are out of school? The rate at which our population is growing; who will give them employment if they are not educated. Our water issue; our climate issue. We are number 7 on the list of countries that is to be affected by global warming. Today is the time that we pledge to change our state of affairs. We have one role model to follow;; our Prophet (PBUH), he changed tribes that lives in desert lands and within a few years made it the most progressive and just society in the world. Those principles developed at the time made tribes into super powers. And these principles are common across the western world today. What are those principles? 

To change ourselves; we first need rule of law. No nation can lift itself without abiding by the law. The law is meant to protect the people and no one is above the law and the law is equal for all. Hazrat Umar (RA) and Hazrat Ali (RA) stood in the courts of justice. Hazrat Ali (RA) lost a case to a Jewish opponent. The Caliph, the leader was also accountable in front of the law. Minorities too are equal citizens; even back then when such thought had not developed it stated that every human being is equal in front of the law. 
The concept of Zakat; what was it? It meant you pay tax according to your ability to pay. The more you have, the more you give towards supporting the poor. This is called it progressive taxation where people pay according to their ability to pay and this is what the Scandinavian countries follow. In Norway, Swede and Denmark there is progressive taxation through which their needy classes are taken care of. This is how their institutions are made. Our religion is full of this history of systems of justice. To give to the disabled, the poor, the widows. The state took care of its people, and even  the animals have rights. Our religion even has rights for animals; in the western world these rights are followed. There are homes for animals, and you don’t see animals even starving on the roads. 3
The Muslim world rose because it has a system of merit. Merit means whoever is deserving. Khalid Bin Waleed had almost defeated Muslim armies, but because of his expertise he was made a battalion leader for Muslim armies after he converted to Islam. This is all examples of a system of merit and this all now happens in the Western world. What is the responsibility of leadership? To be honest and just. These are ideals held high in the West. An American president was impeached for lying, A British Prime Minister was removed. In our model Islamic Welfare State all leaders were held accountable. They would present themselves for accountability and they were answerable to the public. Hazrat Umar (RA) was once asked where he got the clothes he was wearing from. He had to answer the question. Today in the West, all their leadership is accountable to the public. When panama papers came out, the Prime Minister of Britain had to answer the nation and give them clarity as to what happened with that money and where it came from.
Conflict of interest; when Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) became a Caliph he had to shut down his business because he said that other businesses like mine will not be able to compete since I am in a position of power. Today, these laws and morals exist in the western world. But look where we are today;All our people in power; just see what they had before they came into power and how much money they made after coming into power.In the western world, whatever nations have progressed they have laws that those in power can not use it for personal gain and businesses. This law was in the state of Medina 1400 years ago.
Education; it was one of the most important aspects of the Muslim world when it was at its peak. The most focus our Prophet (PBUH) after the battle of Badr made was towards education. Even when their society had nothing, they focused on education. He gave preference to education; and made a law that any prisoner of Mecca will be freed if he educated 10 people. Today look at the state of our country; 2.5 crore children are out of school whereas the western world spends big budgets on education. We are not adhering to any of these ideals. You are not to worry; but we must think about our future and work to change it. This country was not made just for the monied class. It was made on the vision of Allama Iqbal; one of the most brilliant thinkers a the modest Muslim world whose ideal was an Islamic Welfare State like the Medina Riasat. 

Now I will tell you what we have to do. All my life I’ve been told that I could not do what I had dreamed. That I could not become a cricketer, a fast bowler, win the World Cup, make a cancer hospital, make a university in a backward area, break a two party system; I have heard this my whole life. But all my life I have learnt one thing; and that is to fight on. So you,the nation, are my team and I will stand and fight this battle with you. I will start from myself; I will not be living in the PM house. I am staying in a three bedroom house which is the military secretary’s residence. I will keep a staff of two, and two cars. The two cars are for security issue. I wanted to stay in my own residence at Bani Gala but our security agencies said there is a big threat on my life hence why I have to stay here. We will auction all the cars: I invite big businessmen to come and we will auction and put all the money in our treasury. 

All our government houses, and our CM houses will practice austerity. We will bring down expenditure and tell you how much we are saving. No governor will stay in governor house and to use them well we have made a committee that will decide how to use them for public benefit. In the PM house we want to make a top class research university. This is one aspect; and the remaining I will keep you informed. 

We will make a task force under Dr.Ishrat Hussain which will work on reduction of state expenses. We need to have realisation that whatever we spend on our selves we take away from those who can not eat two meals a day. We need to work for those who have been left behind by our society and state. 
We have to stand up on our own feet. The way we have been operating, it can not go on. The more debt we are under, the more freedom we lose.

We have developed a bad habit on living on handouts from other countries and we feel no shame in it. No nations can progress and rise like this. Taking loans is al ays the last resort and a short term solution. We have to stand up on our on feet. Whoever gives loans, takes away your freedom and respect as a nation. How will you feel if Pakistan is going to the world begging for money.? Maybe it doesn’t matter to you, but I wouldn’t be comfortable doing it When I went to raise money for skmch; I asked for money from the people of Pakistan but I would never ask from another country. 

When a country goes with a begging bowl for money, the entire country’s respect diminishes. The world respects a nation that respects itself.. There are so many times I have travelled abroad where Pakistanis are put in a separate line in airports just because of our passport; howshameful for us. By going with a begging bowl, no nation becomes great.

If we want to collect money. Out of 20 crore people, only 8 Lakh people give taxes. The country can not run like this. People in big cars and homes who don’t pay taxes. The first thing I’m going to do is fix our FBR who people have no faith in to pay tax. This is my promise to you; FBR does not have the confidence of the people.I will also make the nation feel confident that I will protect your money. Your tax will be spent on the awaam. With our austerity measures which will be ongoing we will daily tell the nation how much we have saved. But as we save money on one end, it is your responsibility to pay tax. Consider this to be your fight for you country’s self dignity. If you are able to pay tax then you are doing a disservice to the country; to the poor people. Just go and see in Karachi where kids are eating next to dirty water. Think of it how you give zakat to lift your poor. If we give you this confidence in tax. We will never be in loss and we will complete our work earnings. 

Our biggest issue today is that we don’t have money to keep up with our expenses. We are making a high powered tax force to make sure we bring back the looted money to Pakistan.There is a US state department report that 1000 billion was being laundered out of Pakistan. This has done the most damage to us. This is criminal. People who keep their businesses and assets outside of Pakistan; how can they come and lead the country or be loyal to it. Never vote such people; this is your own fault and it is your responsibility to ensure they are never voted in again. 

We have to also increase our exports. Our exports will increase when our government will facilitate all our industries to remove all hurdles for them. We have made a business advisory council. 
We will also work to bring investment into the country, make an environment for investment. For investment we will make a one window operation and a centre at the PM house to facilitate and remove hurdles so investment grows. 

Our small and medium industries are our backbone. There is too much difficulty and red tape for them; we need to remove these difficulties so that they become profitable, reinvest, and create employment. 

All our embassies globally; we will engage them to engage all overseas Pakistanis and Make life easier for them. Especially for our labourers who are abroad, some of our people who are in jails who were picked up for no reason under guise of War on Terror. To give them legal representation.We need to show our labourers over seas and our people that they are not alone, that Pakistan stands with them. They are our biggest asset. 

I want to especially talk to our overseas Pakistanis. We will create investment opportunities for you. I want you to bring your money to Pakistan. To keep your money in Pakistani banks. Right now we are short on dollars. There is a huge trade gap right now. We need your remittances via our banking system so we get foreign exchange through our banks. To get through this difficult time I make a special request to overseas Pakistanis to bring some money into Pakistani banks as we as a nation need your help.

Now coming tCorruption; the money that is meant to be spent on the people are instead pocketed. And when leadership is corrupt, it ruins all institutions because they want them to be rendered without any power to catch them. 

We will help NAB in every capacity; bring in manpower and resources and also bring an act like the whistleblower act that we brought in KP; whatever corruption they expose, especially in government departments, a certain percentage of recovery will be given to them as a reward. 

SECP will also be fixed because it too was exploited and hand in hand with the corrupt. The FIA will need to be reformed to keep an Eye on those who are taking money out. I am keeping the  ministry of interior under myself and this is because through the FIA we will keep a check on money laundering. We won’t be able to lift our people without this. 

When we start this drive, there will be a lot of noise made from all the corrupt individuals in every institution. There are Mafias in every department making easy money. Put it in your mind they will make noise. They will try to detail democracy. They might lead protests too, but you have to stand with me. We have to beat them to save this nation. Either this nation will remain or the corrupt will, so stay ready for this. I have always had the training to fight, and I will fight them. 

For the common man, we have to bring a system of justice. The people whose cases have been going on for years We will do a meeting with the Chief Justice. We had done a similar meeting with the Peshawar High court for civil amendment reforms. Within one year all civil cases were decided. In KP we decided to solve all civil cases in one year. The judiciary also worked to facilitate this so now we want to bring it on a national level. We have to bring these people speedy justice. 

I want to appeal to the Chief Justice that there are many  widows whose land has been grabbed; they have been struggling for their cases for years so I request for speedy justice and resolution for each one of them.A lady came to me and said her husband was murdered. The police would deliberately keep delaying her case of her property being grabbed. 

I will tell you a story when I started politics; a lady wrote a letter to me in her blood. Her husband had been killed; and her and her daughter used to go to the police station for justice they would deliberately delay her case and look at them with a bad eye. So today I promise to protect and Serve our most vulnerable. Even in our jails we see the poorest; even in our jails we will send groups of lawyers and see what issues even people in prisons have and what state they are living in. Some of them can’t pay legal fee and are there languishing in jails; their only crime being poverty.

KP police has seen a massive change and I am thankful as to how KP police brought  the kind of change that it helped us get reelected. Crime rates came down. The person pivotal in this role of reforms was IG Nasir Durrani. We will engage him as an advisory to fix Punjab police the way he fixed KP police. Since it’s a provincial subject we won’t interfere more, but we will directly appeal to Sindh government to help fix Sindh police as well. 

One of the areas where the police had failed in curbing Child abuse. Kasur is a dark case in our history; and parents in so many cases are ashamed to talk of this issue. We have to engage with the police to help curb this. It is a huge human rights issue which we must bring to an end in this country. Our human rights ministry will work hard on this. 

Coming to education; we have to give the top at focus to our government schools. Our government schools are in a terrible state; and our salaried class is giving massive sacrifices to educate their children in private schools. Private schools don’t even have regulation on fee. Parents give the sacrifices because they want their children to get a good education. This is why we need to fix the standard of the government school system. In KP government school standard improved so much that 150,000 children went back to government schools. Children who are out of school, We want private schools to come and engage with government schools in their second half and give their time and services there. This is an emergency. 2.5 crore children out of school need to be educated. And we must not forget our madrasah children. Our vision is also that children from Madrassaa are also able to get an education that enables them to dream big; to dream of becoming doctors, engineers, and future leaders. Why don’t we give them opportunities? 24 Lakhs children study in this system. 

We have made a task force for hospitals. We made a task force in KP. Making hospi also like Skmch; where there is a system of merit is much easier than fixing ruined hospital institutes which run according to an old system. It took us 5 years to kickstart this in KP; and we are still not where we are. We have to fix government hospitals and we have to make a task force there. We will also work with the Sindh government for this. We will bring an insurance health card across the country like the Insaf card in KP where anyone from a poor household can go and get treatment done for up to 500,000. 

No one ever thought of our conversation water issue. This is an emergency. In places like Karachi, Quetta, Islamabad there is no water and tanker mafias exist. We are making a task force for this and how to conserve  water and show farmers new ways to conserve water. We have to make our dam under any circumstances. The chief justice has taken a good initiative and we will engage overseas Pakistanis for this too. 

Coming to our farmers, till they don’t get funds and investment they won’t be able to spend on their land and their yield. This is the government’s responsibility; to decrease their expenditures. We need top of the line agricultural research. Our farmers buy vegetable seeds from India; why can’t we do this for them? Teaching them how to use water better. 

Civil service reforms; and its policy execution is imperative. In 1960s Pakistan’s civil service was considered the best in Asia. It is our bad luck that due to political interference, destroying professionalism we ruined our systems. Dr. Ishrat is working on how to bring merit back. We will let no political interference take place in our government. We will facilitate you in every way regardless of who you support. We will also give you tenure protection. But I ask our government officers to give respect to the common man when he walks into your office. This is his right. We are bringing the right to services act; what the common man’s right is for example passport offices, ID card centres... whichever ones are performing better and bringing ease to the common man’s life, we will rewards those offices and penalise those not doing well. 

Then there is the local body system; we have learnt a lot about this in KP. We will make direct elections happen for district Nazim’s so funds are devolved to a local level. Currently funds lie at the Centre with CM’s and MNA’s. This happens nowhere else in the world. 

For the youth; we want to create jobs. We are taking an initiative to develop housing to make 50 Lakh homes over 5 years. We have taken consultancy from experts and done a lot of opinion sharing on it; this is a big challenge, but if it works it will effect and lift 50 industries directly. We also need to work on skills education and give loans to our youth without interest to facilitate entrepreneurship. And we will ensure we make top grounds and sporting facilities for the youth. Our grounds have been captured by land grabbers; Javed Miandad told many grounds and parks land now have homes on top of them. We want parks so our women can go out, children can play. 

We will also start a big movement to plant trees. We have planted a billion trees in KP and we have learnt from this and will plant billions more across the country, especially in our cities like Karachi which are concrete jungles. We need a big vision for a green Pakistan and we will engage our youth who is our biggest asset to make this happen. 

Air pollution in Lahore; the way it effects our children and our elderly. We have engaged our environment minister Malik Amin to look into these. And then the pollution and garbage; look at Karachi and how we are destroying our seas. We need to clean our waters, we need waste disposal. We don’t need to hire companies from outside to do this; we simply need to organise ourselves. InshAllah in 5 years we want to look as clean as any western country. 

Coming to tourism; the potential of tourism here... it is massive. I have travelled across the world, and the resorts we are going to open, we have plans to open 4 new resorts yearly. We have such beautiful beaches; we want to develop them properly so our families can go and foreigners can go to places like Gwadar which have some of the most stunning beaches. 

Then coming to FATA; because of war there is still destruction here. We are pushing for FATA and KP merger so we can start development there as soon as possible, bring local bodies there. It is not going to be an easy task but we have to do it. In a similar cases coming to balochistan; we want to engage everyone and their issues. For south Punjab we want to make a separate province as it can not be governed by those sitting far away in Lahore. And then coming to Karachi; it’s the financial capital of Pakistan. If Karachi is not in a good state, the country will not be in a good state. Hence we have to work with the Sindh government to improve the police there; we can not just rely on rangers to bring law and order there. The pollution in Karachi needs to be curbed and we need to bring water to the people. 

Our national action plan had 20 points and 30 parties had agreed on the national action plan. Till we don’t implement on this, we will never have peace in our country. We appeal to our neighbouring countries to help us in bringing security to the region. We have to curb terrorism; till there is no peace there will be no prosperity. I thank all our neighbours who called and congratulated and will reiterate that till there is no peace in the region, none of us will progress. 

My last point is that, we want to make Pakistan a Welfare State. We will start by owning our street children. They are our children. We have to own the children of our nation. If we can not take care of them, of our street children, our widows, and our disabled and handicapped... the state must own them all.

In the end I want us all to bring empathy in ourselves. What is the difference in humans and animals? Human societies are meant to have empathy. It should not be a case of survival of the fittest. To be sympathetic and to care about those who are not as privileged as us. We need to lift our people and focus on human development. What was done in the Riasat of Medina? They focused on human development and they remained humble and simple in their way of living. 
The provision of basic necessities to our people is our duty. I will show you by living the simplest life. Security issues mean I have to keep guards, but the rest of my life will be absolutely simple.And whatever we save on these state expenses, we will spend 50 percent of that on our people. I will do no business. Whenever rulers to business, they harm their people. Just remember that whoever is your enemy, who has stolen your money, harmed the common man... they are my enemy too. I have no personal fight with anyone. My issue is those who steal your money and take it abroad are damaging you. So you have to help me catch the most corrupt. We are doing this for you. When someone steals from your home, don’t you hand him over to the police? It is your responsibility to stop them.

Just like that, If your tax money is used wrong, if anything we do is wrong... this is the era of social media, you hold us accountable. Become my team to protect your own interest as a country. And it is my job to protect your money. 

Allah has blessed our country with everything. It is our resource. We have to protect it. When state money is stolen, your money is stolen. We all have to work as a team to protect it.

My vision is that day when we will not have people who will be in need of Zakat. And we will InshAllah be that country that will help other countries in need. Maybe I won’t even be alive till that time, but that is my vision and I have faith that if we take the  path of nation building, we will reach that stage where we will help other countries. That is the Pakistan I want to see. Pakistan Zindabad.