Press Release: Clarification by PTI USA LLC of funds collected in USA. | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Monday, October 06, 2015 
PTI USA LLC is registered in the State of California as LLC, Mohammad Razaq, Ph.D is its authorized registrant, with type of business as "agent of a foreign political party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. In the USA", Department of Justice mandates that any individual or an entity working on behalf of a foreign political party must be registered under the Foreign Agent Registration Act. Without registration with Department of Justice, no individual or an entity can work on behalf of a foreign political party in the USA.PTI USA LLC  is acting as an "agent" of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in the USA to promote its ideology,  manifesto and do fundraisings. Funds raised are deposited directly in PTI USA LLC bank account and transferred via wire transfer to PTI in Pakistan. Just for clarification, the term "agent" is derived from Department of Justice rules on Foreign Agent Registration Act. Since the entity is registered as a limited liability corporation (LLC) and is working only as an agent on behalf of PTI, its registrant is not the owner of LLC and hence the Chairman has the authority to appoint new registrant of LLC (Board of Directors at any time).

Individuals contribute to PTI USA LLC mostly online via PTI website, by sending checks or depositing checks directly into the PTI USA LLC bank account.

PTI USA LLC is required by law to notify the Department of Justice of all contributions made to PTI that are greater than $50. Since PTI USA LLC works on principle of transparency, all donations are reported to Department of Justice every six months.The list of donors can be viewed by anyone at the following website 

The impression being given in the talk shows that PTI is accepting contributions from Jewish and Indian Lobbyist and thus will look after their interest when in power. PTI USA LLC denies any such allegations. 

Our records shows that there is a one time $500 donation made on April 17, 2013 by The William Washington LLC at the request of one of his Pakistani friend. 

Barry Schneps donated $200 at the request of his business partner, Mohammad Asif Mahmood, Attorny at Law, as the entry fee to the fund raising in New York in March 2012.

These relatively small donation were given before the 2013 elections and hence any claim that foreign companies funded PTI Dharna in 2014 is totally baseless. Further, the funding level from The William Washington and Barry Schneps is not even a fraction of the total funds PTI USA LLC receives from its donors of individuals of Pakistan origin on a continuous basis.

We request all media outlets to please contact Dr. Mohammad Razaq (President and Treasurer of PTI USA LLC) for any clarification and in future include him or any of the Board Members in talk show discussions to get the perspective of PTI USA LLC.
PTI USA LLC Board Members
Dr. Razaq (President and Treasurer) tel: 909 525 2504, Email: [email protected]
Sherry Khan (General Secretary) tel: 260 786 5840, Email: [email protected]
Dr. Aftab Hussain (Vice President) tel: 571 432 9136, Email: [email protected]
Ali Asim Khan (Information Secretary) tel: 908 248 2746, Email: [email protected]