Party discipline in Europe- Chairman circular | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

11 aug - Chairmain Imran Khan Notification-04 august 15

Dear Overseas Chapters of Europe, Empowerment and recognition of overseas chapters in Europe is in process. The third phase of holding elections and creation of new chapters is continous. However, we have seen a trend of tarnishing the image of PTI in overseas chapters using media, social media and Group chain Emails by few people. Anybody bringing disputes, personal attacks, putting baseless allegations on PTI officials, misleading PTI members, creating confusion in the media or social media come under serious violation of party discipline, also promulgated through OIC code of conduct dated 15 Jun 2015. In addition, Chairman PTI Imran Khan issued a circular (04 August 2015) to maintain party discipline and not to bring internatal matters in discussion on public forum.
Violation of party discipline and code of conduct will lead to immediate suspension of involved person/s basic membership.

Mushtaq Khan Jadoon
Chairman CRC Europe