NCOC daily morning session is under way at CM Punjab Secretariat Lahore | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


Mr. Asad Umer Charing the special session of NCOC 
Chief Minister Punjab, Mr. Usman Buzdar being the host of the session is attending the special meeting of the NCOC . 
DR Yasmin Rashid Minister Health ,Mr M Basharat Raja Minister Law also attending the session with other provincial representatives.
Provincial chief Secretaries are participating through video link. 

Forum deliberating on Management of cattle Mandis on Eid Ul Azha and  Eid Prayers. Forum was apprised that nearly 700 cattle mandis are established across Pakistan on the eve of Eid Ul Azha.  Necessary health guidelines have been issued to all concerned . Asad Umer said that management of cattle mandis is very important to contain disease spread particularly move of people from rural areas to cities and going back after sale of animals. Cattle mandis will be established outside cities and no cattle mandi allowed inside cities. A layout of mandis should be shared with all to follow the heath protocols and guidelines.  Local administrations to ensure ;
•The timings of mandis will be from 6 Am to 1900. 
• Screening of people entering the mandis 
• Use of face masks and social distancing and allowing designated no of people inside at one point of time to avoid over crowding 
• Number of cattle markets be increased, while size be kept small
• Eid prayers as per EId ul Fitr plan 
Forum was briefed on TTQ and smart lockdowns strategy 
Forum was briefed that Under TTQ strategy Over 750,000 contacts  traced who came in contact with Covid Infected People. Out of those contacts  those tested positive were put in Quarantine / home isolation across country potentially saving about 300,000 individuals from getting infected.
Contact tracing is being accelerated through combination of RRTs (Rapid Response Teams) and call centers. Local communities are key part in fight against COVID-19 wherein Rural Support Network organizations, local organizations, notables participating in different fields to assist local administration.
Smart lockdowns 
NCOC identified top 30 cities as covid hotspots with max Infected using auto trace and NITB maps .  At an average 3-8 Million population with 10-30 % of infected People remained under 300-500 smart lockdowns (SLDs) on rolling basis since adoption of this policy in entire country. Currently 321 smart lockdowns are enforced across Pakistan at the moment