NA-55 live updates: PTI goes to 5th position against all expectations | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
<p>Updates from workers on ground will be added here. Lets do it together...!</p> <p>Email to if you have any news.</p> <hr /> <p>&#160;Its raining since 7.00 am. Lets hope this will stop after some heavy showers. Otherwise it will badly affect the turnout. All the preparations for polling agents etc has been completed in the night.</p> <hr /> <p>10:15AM</p> <ul> <li>Polling started at 8AM, start is slow because of heavy rain. Its clear now and people are expected to come after 10AM&#160;(as a norm of this area).</li> <li>Ejaz Khan Jazi, and other contestants have casted their votes.</li> </ul> <p><img border="0" src="" alt="" /></p> <p>&#160;</p> <hr /> <p>Polling gets underway,it is a really charged atmosphere and turn out is good so far. <br /> The weather has cleared up very nicely and it is now very fine conditions and voters are coming out in good numbers. <br /> Ijaz khan jazi visits different polling stations and gives interview to geo news at murre road polling station. <br /> Jazi casts his vote at college road polling station and talks to media.shown live on dunya news. <br /> <br /> Moazam Ali</p> <hr /> <p>Jazi Khan casted his vote in gordon college at college road and gave sadqa of 11 bakras after that <br /> <br /> Moazam Ali</p> <hr /> <p>more than 150 votes polled at most polling stations majority of them are polling stations for men. <br /> <br /> Moazam Ali</p> <hr /> <p>11:40AM <br /> Turn out at its BEST in Hazara Colony. Mazharabad. And We (PTI) are leading. <br /> <br /> Waheed Buttar</p> <hr /> <p>At present PTI is doing good in Bangash Colony and Khayabaan. <br /> <br /> Faisal Mughal</p> <hr /> <p>Dhoke Matkial, having tough fight with N League <br /> <br /> Waheed Buttar</p> <hr /> <p>13:06</p> <p>Dhoke Mtkial PTI strong on womens side tough between PTI , N and Shaikh .. <br /> UC 13 Katarian Neck to Neck between N and Shaikh and very few representation of PTI and JI ...</p> <p>Noman</p> <hr /> <p>&#160;<img border="0" src="" alt="" /></p> <hr /> <p>Voters have come out in greater nos after 1 pm and atmosphere is now more charged and activity is at its best,PTI is also very active,Jazi khan is visiting polling stations frequently and is very hopefull. <br /> <br /> i agree with the fact that PTI is strong in Khyban and Dhok Matkial,i dont know about bangash colony.I am sure that PTI will win from College road and naya mahala.</p> <p>Moazzam</p> <hr /> <p>&#160;Dunya news reporting a minor scuffle at Islamia school polling station due to bogus vote casting.</p> <hr /> <p>&#160;Dunya news predicting 40-45% turn-out at various polling stations. Women voters have come out in good numbers since afternoon.</p> <hr /> <p>There are reports of rigging and scuffles between workers of PML N and AML at Islamia high school no 4 near liaqat bagh area.polling station no 239.there were reports of riging here in the morning as well by Jamaat Islami. Rangers and police have got situation under control now. <br /> there is also a prblem coming up that people who come to vote are not registered even some who have voted during last elections. <br /> &#160;</p> <hr /> <p>&#160;Report from the ground:</p> <p>Polling station number 239 has been closed by Police around 1615 hrs and some members of a PTI&#160;voter family were not allowed to go in.</p> <hr /> <p>&#160;</p> <p>&#160;At one polling station out of 1150 votes, 550 were casted...turn out around 50%</p> <hr /> <p>&#160;FG&#160;Secondary school saddar MALE&#160;booth result</p> <p>Total-541, PMLN-255, AML-201, PTI-42, JI-26</p> <hr /> <p>&#160;Polling station 4<br /> <br /> n league 174 <br /> sheikh 92 <br /> <br /> Polling station 198<br /> <br /> n legue 98 <br /> sheikh 96 <br /> pti jazi 46 <br /> ji 23</p> <hr /> <p>Polling station no 149 and 150 <br /> PML N 272 <br /> AML 259 <br /> PTI 36 <br /> JI 15</p> <hr /> <p>&#160;23 polling stations<br /> PML N 4302 <br /> AML 3071</p> <hr /> <p>&#160;32 Polling stations <br /> PML N 6799 <br /> AML 4688</p> <hr /> <p>39 polling stations / 250 total</p> <p>9103 = PMLN<br /> 6210 = AML</p> <hr /> <p>&#160;47 polling stations</p> <p>PMLN - 11581<br /> AML - 7615</p> <hr /> <p>&#160;62 polling stations</p> <p>PMLN - 15000<br /> AML - 10212</p> <hr /> <p>&#160;75 polling stations<br /> PMLN- 20622<br /> AML- 13447</p> <hr /> <p>&#160;100 polling stations / 250 total</p> <p>28880 = PMLN<br /> 18022 = Sheikh</p> <hr /> <p>&#160;155 polling stations<br /> PMLN- 47166<br /> AML- 30132<br /> PTI - third</p>