Mr. Naeem ul Haq included in PTI UK election commission | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
<p>The&#160;UK PTI Election Commission met for its third meeting on 8th July 2009.</p> <p>Mr Naeem ul Haq was co-opted as a member of the UK Election Commission after the departure of Mr. Dastagir and Mr. Dhareeja.&#160; Mr Haq is one of the founding members of PTI and is a senior member of the Central Executive Committee PTI.&#160;&#160; Mr Haq who is representing PTI CEC is totally impartial and will ensure free and fair elections in the UK.</p> <p>UK Election Commission members welcomed Mr. Haq and appreciated the wisdom and experience that he brings to the table.</p> <p>Khurram Naeem (Member election commission)<br /> Irfan Shafi (Member election commission)<br /> Amer Rana (Member Election commission)</p>