MQM has to answer a lot of Questions, stop using victim card and come clean on convicted criminals and NATO weapons found at Nine Zero ??? Asim Khan | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

PTI UK President Asim Khan has said that today's Rangers' raid on MQM has left MQM with a lot of questions to answer. He said that eye opening findings in the aftermath of Rangers' raid on MQM headquarters aka 90 are very serious in nature. It is about time that MQM stop hiding behind the cries of political victimization and come clean on glaring facts. What was the convicted killer of Wali babar doing with Amir Khan at 90? MQM has long held Ports and Shipping Ministry in the province, Discovery of NATO arms at Nine Zero is shocking and should be probed. Asim khan added that why is it that any criminal activity in Karachi when probed ends up with MQM's name one way or the other? MQM should clear itself from politics of terror if they want to progress as a political party. We demand strict action against all criminal elements in Karachi regardless of their political affiliation. Karachi is the Heart and brain of Pakistan which cannot be left paralyzed at the hands of Criminals. The Nexus of crime and criminals has grown from strength to strength during the coalition of MQM and PPP which has damaged Karachi in particular and Sindh in general. Harboring Convicted Criminals, target killers and prohibited weapons in their HQ that has been untouchable is shameful, condemnable and should be probed thoroughly.

It has been long that Karachi has been suffering and about time that all this violence and crime in the heart of Pakistan be put to an end. He further added that this should not be just an adventure stunt but should be backed by a solid probe and prosecution so that the criminals are brought to justice and lives of Karachites are free from constant struggle facing crime almost on daily basis. PTI has always been vocal against politics of fear exposing them fearlessly. We demand all militant wings of all parties should be disbanded.

He welcomed the news of Solat Mirza finally facing justice. He demanded that Baldia Town suspects should immediately be arrested as well including all those identified in investigation regardless of their party affiliation. PPP and MQM have destroyed SIndh and Karachi who paralyze the mega city at will through the criminals harbored by them.

PTI has been the only party over these years who has exposed the MUK MUKA of the status quo which MQM has been part of for decades. Asim khan has demanded that all those arrested should be brought to justice and tried in Military courts. PTI has always stood up to the tyrants and the status quo and will continue to do so. We will not back off from our struggle for the Pakistan as Quaid e Azam and Allama Iqbal wanted to see.

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