Minutes of Meeting of first meeting of Elected Body of PTI in UAE (Sept 19, 2015) | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


Minutes of Meeting


Date: September 19, 2015
Time: 2100 Hours.
Venue: Daily Restaurant, Karama ??? Dubai.

Meeting Started at 2130 with the recitation of The Holy Qura???an.

Kamran Ahmed welcomed all the elected members and guests. Urged the elected body to keep us the spirits and work harder for the party in their respective regions. He also praised the Nazariyati panel for taking all the panels onboard and forming a joint body.

MianAwaisAnjum, welcomed the elected members and acknowledged their efforts during the membership campaign. He mentioned and honoured the outstanding performers in bringing paid members onboard.

RizwanBangash, thanked the leadership for the trust and honour. He assured his full support and urged the members to make PTI UAE a national party with the spirit of being a Proud Pakistani, rather than Pathan, Baloch, Sindhi or Punjabi.

AsjadYahya, welcomed everyone and assured his support to the newly formed body.

NadeemButt, welcomed the bold initiative of Nazariyati panel of taking all the panels onboard. He was surprised to see his name in the proposed panel and praised the panel as in his view this is enough evidence to prove the sincerity and passion of MianAwaisAnjum for making PTI stronger in UAE.

Orangzaib Jungle Khelvi, welcomed all the members and briefed the panel about the hardwork and sincere efforts done in Past years for the party. He assured his full support at all times.

ObaidullahMuhammedMumtaz, was very pleased to see a united elected body on one table for the betterment of PTI and Pakistan.

All the elected members welcomed each other open heartedly and assured their sincere and passionate support at all times.

IrfanAfsarAwan, expressed his pleasure after observing the passion in the newly elected body. He appealed the members to let go the past and plan the future which is now not only our prime duty but its our wish and passion too. We all must define our responsibilities and boost each others moral. We must leave good foot marks for others to follow.

The meeting was wrapped-up with Dua???a e khair for Nadeem Butt???s father in law, who passed away same evening. A special duaa for the progress and prosperity of PTI UAE was also performed.


22:45 Dinner was served (Courtesy MianAwais Anjum).


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