Membership Drive starts in Multan | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
<p>&#160;</p> <div>After many successful Membership Drives of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in different cities of Pakistan, now it has started in Multan.</div> <div>&#160;</div> <div>&#160;</div> <div>Head of Education Department Mr. Muhammed Asim Chaudhary addressed ISF Multan during the Membership Drive Inauguration Ceremony. He said that the passion, determination and enthusiasm of ISF Multan is immense.</div> <div>&#160;</div> <div>&#160;</div> <div>At the occasion, the senior members of ISF Multan, Mr. Mian Amanullah Dhanoter, Ali Khan, Sufyan Qayyum, Azib Ali Jutt, Mohammed Shoaib, Mohammed Azeem, Mohammed Shahid Qureshi, Rana Raheel, Rizwan, Mubashir, Arbab and Dewan Faizan agreed upon Imran Khan???s vision and showed full support on achieving all the objectives through full youth force.</div> <div>&#160;</div> <div>&#160;</div> <div>?</div> <div>?</div> <div>Areeba Shafiq</div> <div>Web Manager</div> <div>ISF Punjab</div>