May 7th cut-off date for PTI membership drive in Saudi Arabia: Shahid Hussain | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

The moment has arrived for Saudi Chapter, 7th May 2015 will be the cut-off date for membership drive. We believe that very important milestone is achieved in terms of setting up proper organized structure in the region. We request all panels to deposit membership fees (if they hold any) to designated places by CODon 7th May 2015. Before 5.00pm, Note,please make sure all paying membership data has transfered to UK central finance office prior to 7th may 2015 Before 5.00pm local time, (( Any data transfered after 5.00pm local time will not be counted for intra party election 2015 )) We'll start posting member's details on from 11th May onward.


Nomination deadline for panels is 10th May 2015, below is the fee associated with each elected position for each panel. Panel nomination fees to be deposited using credit/debit cards to uk PTI bank account.

  • Nomination Fees for City's President - SAR 300/-
  • Nomination Fees for City's Vice-President - SAR 200/-
  • Nomination Fees for City's Information Secretary - SAR 200/-
  • Nomination Fees for City's General Secretary - SAR 200/-


Considering the security situation in the region and after discussing with relevant panel representatives it is decided that panel with most paying members will be declared winner. Please also note that in upcoming elections in 2016 membership criteria may not be the same as it is now, we'll definitely raise the bars.


In the end we thank everyone involved in making this a reality, still a long way to go. Although targets were not achieved as per Saudi potential but we expect that newly elected bodies will take the challenge and meet our organization's expectation to make Saudi Arabia "The Overseas Community of Highest number of Paying Members."Inshaallah. God Bless Pakistan and PTI.