Launch of Paying Membership in Europe for Forthcoming Elections | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Office of International Chapters (OIC) is pleased to greet all overseas Pakistanis in Europe for a Happy Eid. On the occasion of Eid, OIC is pleased to announce the launch of paying membership in entire Europe (except UK) with the following guidelines:

  1. Paying membership will be 3 Euros per month/36 Euros per year.
  2. Paying membership to be paid for full one year.
  3. Students paying membership will be 1 Euro per month/12 Euros per year.
  4. Minimum Qualifying paying membership for holding elections in a region or country has to be 100 paying members.
  5. All MCs to contact Mr. Iqbal to activate and coordinate online paying membership forms for respective country. MCs are requested to ensure online forms working properly. In case of any problem being faced, plz contact Mr Iqbal. 15 August is the last date to finalize, activate and launch online forms for each country holding elections in Europe. Email Mr Iqbal:[email protected]
  6. 30 Oct 2014 is the last date for paying membership.
  7. OIC will announce schedule of elections by 7 Nov 2014. List of priority for election in a Country will be based on highest membership. Country with highest membership will have elections first followed by second highest membership and so on.
  8. Elections time for each country will be one week which includes announcement of elections, submission of candidates??? application, announcement of candidates and panels, two days polling on SMS on prescribed number, announcement of election results.
  9. Validity of paying membership will be 1 Dec 2014 to 1 Dec 2015.
  10. Countries which already started paying membership (e.g. Spain, France, Italy, Germany etc) can re adjust the validity period with the same paying membership already paid in this year(2014).
  11. Candidates can contest elections individually or in panel.
  12. Registering Mobile number is mandatory for every paying member while applying membership as the same mobile number will be used for elections, no change will be possible later on.
  13. Two members Election Commission will be comprised of neutral people who will include one local person of election country and one from outside. Names of election commission will be announced and all MCs will be consulted on the neutrality of election Commission.
  14. Number of regions in a country will be decided based on qualifying number of paying members in a region which is 100.
  15. In case of more than two regions, country President and Secy General can be elected by the elected bodies.
  16. Elected body tenure will remain one year and it will be calculated one month after the announcement of elections results and will continue till new elections are announced.
  17. Anybody who wish to become Membership Coordinator (MC) for a region can apply to OIC before 15 Aug 2014.
  18. All designations will cease to exist as soon as the elections are announced in a country after 1 Nov.
  19. MCs may invite PTI leadership in their regions for their events before the announcement of elections.
  20. Related details on conduct of election, election commission will be provided by end of Oct 2014.
  21. Paying membership list will be displayed in a transparent manner by 1 Nov 2014.
  22. Inquiries can be sent to [email protected] to clarify any issue.
  23. Time to time instructions and guidelines will be posted on to clarify inquiries or to remove any confusion.