KPK Govt has inaugurated the work on Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit Project | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Promise with KP people fulfilled :: After brining revolutionary reforms in Health, Education, Police, Tourism and Local Government, KP Government has finally inaugurated the work on a Mega Transportation project, Peshawar Rapid Bus Transit  which will be completed in 6 months!

Peshawar BRT is first of the 3 mega Transportation projects for Peshawar and KP, with Circular Railway which will connect Peshawar, Charsadda, Nowshera, Mardan, Swabi and Malakand through a fast moving Train and then the shifting of main Bus Terminal to Chamkani; these projects will bring a Revolutionary change in the Transportation system of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa !

On the occasion, Pervez Khattak requested the people of Peshawar to take ownership of the project and counter any negative propaganda of the rivals as this project is meant for the betterment of Peshawar ! More than 400,000 people will be using this transport system everyday. The buses under this system will be roaming around the whole city. There will be parking spaces and separate tracks for cycles. After the revolutionary changes in Health, Police, Education , Local bodies and tourism, A transporation project was the need of the hour.