ITALY Voting Process | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

To take away recent concerns of members not receiving texts the finance team have taken 2 secure mobile numbers so that members can cast their choice.


  1. On the day of voting on Saturday 06-06-2015 the lines will be opened at 9am until 9 pm.
  2. The primary  number for voting will be 00447860052901.
  3. To cast vote the member must ONLY text the 2 digit code assign to each panel.
    • 68 for nazriati panel
    • 42 for awamdost panel
  4. Once the member has done this, he/she will get a confirmation text to tell them that text has been received. No further replies should be sent.
  5. If conformation is not received within one in one hour then that means the network has not accepted the text due to a block by provider , to resolve this we have a second number, so those members who are affected by this (we don't expect many) can send sms to 00447719637774 and again they will receive confirmation text.


As a final safeguard in case of any further issues, the members can email to [email protected] if any further help is required.