Insaf Tigers Manifesto (2017-2019) | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

We will:

  1. Increase membership up 2000 in the North West by 2019
  2. Organise Workers Convention Conference 2018
  3. Energise members to play their active role in the 2018 election in Pakistan
  4. Organise fundraising events to support party in Pakistan.
  5. Raise concerns of the Overseas Pakistanis at PTI Central Executive Committee.
  6. Promote PTI through organising local town events and workshops,
  7. Building and strengthening good relation and links between PTI leaders in Pakistan and grassroots??? members in the North West.
  8. Engaging North West members in the decision making processes at all levels.
  9. Building good relation and partnership between North West UK and Khyber Pukhtoon khawa (KPK ) Services through developing joint ventures


Insaf Tigers Panel 33  9 Pledges 2017 Team


Insaf Tigers Panel 33  9 Pledges 2017