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Insaf Doctors Forum shall struggle for the following aims and objectives:

a. To struggle for the implementation of an improved, efficient and effective 
health delivery system with special focus upon the poor and the 
marginalized population.
b. To promote Health Education.
c. To hold academic seminars, workshops, debates and discussions on 
health-related issues, to promote Health and to create awareness in 
general masses in this regard.
d. To eradicate corruption and malpractices within the Health Profession at 
all levels.
e. To support and stand for the manifesto and ideology of Pakistan Tehreek 
e Insaf and propagate its program of ensuring Peace, Justice, Merit and 
Socioeconomic reforms at all levels.
f. To maintain the established honor of medical profession and to protect 
the interests and rights of healthcare professionals and general public. 
g. To establish better cooperation, coordination and solidarity among the 
members of the Forum and to develop better communication and 
understanding between doctors, para medical staff and patients. 
h. To provide professional and expert aid to Government regarding 
healthcare services and improve coordination among government and 
other medical organizations to improve functioning of healthcare system 
and administration of facilities.