Prime Minister Imran Khan's Speech at Azad Kashmir Legislative Assembly (14.08.19) | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan's Speech at Azad Kashmir Legislative Assembly (14.08.19)

Complete Transcriptions of Prime Minister Imran Khan's Address to AJK Assembly on 14th August 2019

I am happy that today, on Pakistan’s Independence Day, I am standing here with my brothers in Kashmir and at a time when there is a massive crisis being inflicted on the people of Kashmir. 
The statement mentioned earlier by the leadership of AJK; that it’s Kashmir’s turn today, and Pakistan will be next.... I just want to mention to you how over the past few days through our messaging over mainstream media, conversations with global leaders and social media, we have exposed to the world the the Nazi like racist ideology and the true face of RSS and Narendra Modi to the world. 
Our battle currently is not one of leg pulling for self interest, rather it is a stand we are taking against a horrific extremist ideology. In front of us today stands a very dangerous ideology; The RSS ideology of whom Narendra Modi has been a member since childhood and who take their inspiration from Hitler’s Nazi party. They admired them and believe in the concept of racial superiority of the Hindu race. They also believe that the Muslims once upon a time in history ruled over them, and now we must take revenge against them. Behind this ideology is an inherent hatred for Muslims and following that Christians who also ruled over them. 
Member of the RSS have been brainwashed and trained into thinking that had Muslims not ruled over them, they would have been a far superior race in the world. At the basis of their manifesto is the ethnic cleansing of Muslims from India; that they don’t have a place in India. 
Once you understand this hate filled ideology, you start connecting the dots and understand a lot of incidents leading up to this point in perspective, especially what is happening in Kashmir today. But most importantly, today we understand why our Quaid e Azam- who was an ambassador for Hindu Muslim unity, who was above race and ethnicity, and who was fighting for freedom from British colonialism for all in the subcontinent; whether they were Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian- he eventually channeled his visions towards a separate nation of Pakistan because he foresaw that there were going to be no freedoms for Muslims and minorities. He was a great leader who understood and foresaw the undercurrents of hate. When he was demotivated and left for Britain for a short time period; he wrote at the time that the Muslims minorities of the subcontinent had no idea what they were heading into. It would be subjugation worse than living under British colonialism. The Muslim community was not listening at the time; has 1937 election not happened, had home rule not come into place in which not even one ministry was given to the Muslim league; that is when the Muslim community realised that there was no place for them, and that is when they started going towards the Muslim league. That is when the Pakistan movement truly gained momentum. 
Even a year before the inception of Pakistan, people did not believe Pakistan would become an idea realised. When our Quaid landed here a few weeks before he told his ADC that he did not believe he would see Pakistan in his lifetime. He knew the tricks that were being played with this ideology; the same that ideology that killed Mahatma Gandhi. The same ideology that led to the butchering of Muslims in Gujarat under a CM, by the police. The killing of women and children. The same ideology that led to the destruction of the Babari Mosque.

The ideology of the RSS has only grown. From the Babari mosque incident, to the increase in lynchings of Muslims and the atrocities in Kashmir. And now what Modi is doing in Kashmir like Hitler’s “final solution.” 

They have been emboldened because they have not faced any resistance from the intentional community. 

We are all concerned at the moment about the truth of the humanitarian crisis and the atrocities created by this lockdown that has been imposed. What can be achieved via all this? Sending troops in, pushing tourists out, having people under curfew. 

I am of the view that Modi is making a strategic blunder. He is playing his final card but it is going to be very expensive for India. The first important development is that Kashmir is now a global narrative; we have spoken to President Trump about it; we brought it up at the OIC.
Kashmir was not on the radar of the international community, but we as Pakistan have to ensure that this new momentum continues where Kashmir is in the global narrative. I pledge to be the ambassador of Kashmir. 
We have to make the world realise the RSS ideology is exactly like the Nazi ideology. After World War 2 the world made a collective decision that such genocide would never be repeated again. The RSS ideology is heading that way again. 
Look at how Indian ministers are talking; they are talking of exhuming bodies of Kashmiri women and raping them. These are sick minds who talk of this. These are extremist minds. 
These is the ideology that has done ethnic cleansing in the world, that has created wars. People have no idea how much India has radicalised. It is no longer a plural society. The facade of a tolerant India has been removed. 
The biggest damage of this will be done to India itself. They have damaged their own constitution, gone against the verdict of their Supreme Court, against the Kashmir high court. When a country’s law and order, its human rights are diminished it becomes a banana republic. 
Judges are afraid in India, media is curbed, opposition members are afraid to speak up of an alternative discourse in parliament. RSS goons are going and lynching people, threatening judges, intellectuals. This is exactly what the Nazi’s did; anyone who spoke against their supremacy was a traitor.

India is heading towards a disaster with this extremist ideology. A country made up of 18 Crore Muslims who live under threat. This will eventually face a backlash. Anywhere in the world there is marginalisation, there will be radicalisation. History has proven this.

Muslims are living in fear today in India. When I used to play cricket in India; Muslims from affluent households used to say the two nation theory wasn’t right. Today those same people say Quaid e Azam was absolutely right. 

Pro Indian Kashmiri politicians today are endorsing the two nation theory. This Pandora’s box of the RSS ideology will not stop at Muslims; it will spillover into the Sikh community, the Christian community. It is an epidemic. 

We are afraid that this Nazi and hateful ideology will not remain limited to Kashmir and will spill towards Pakistan. We have information; the Pakistani army is aware they have have a plan to carry out operations in AJK. 

To divert the world’s attention of what they are doing under curfew in Kashmir, they want to do an operation in AJK. I am telling Modi that if you try a skirmish, we will respond ten folds. Our army is battle hardened fighting a nearly 20 year war against terrorism. Our people are ready to defend our freedoms.
The history of the world shows that when people fight for their freedoms, that they defeat big and powerful armies. We will go to the end to defend ourselves and our sovereignty. We bow to no one except Allah. 

What you are aiming to do, to make Kashmir your slaves and then sugar coating it with fake speeches of bringing prosperity to Kashmir. This is when Hitler attacked Russia saying I am here to free you from communism. 

By imposing curfews, 11 days long, sending extra troops in, Modi is building a guise of bringing prosperity to Kashmir? The message we have for the cadres of RSS, the leadership of Kashmir, is that they are going down the path of Nazzism. A war hysteria and propaganda has been created via their media and their public being brainwashed. 

It is a betrayal of Kashmir, the promises made to the people of Kashmir by Nehru. No worry for human rights, international accords, Simla agreement. It is simply about their Nazi like ideology and then their arrogance.

Hitler had arrogance and Modi’s arrogance is no different. But history has shown that Hitler was destroyed, Napoleon was destroyed. War is never the solution; it leads to multiple other conflicts. 

We are observing where the events go from here. Pakistan is fully ready; our army, our people are on one page. We have decided we will not tolerate any violation and are fully ready to counter it. 

If this region goes to war, the world will be responsible. Those institutions responsible for keeping world peace, this is a trial of the United Nations. Will you stand by the 11 resolutions of the security council. 

Does the United Nations only work when the powerful make a decision? Does it not stand up when the weak are oppressed. I say to the UN that over a billion Muslims have their eyes on you right now. 

Unfortunately we can’t look to the leadership of the Muslim world, but there are 1.5 billion Muslims globally looking at the United Nations to see whether you will stand for Kashmir’s right to self determination. 

We will go to United Nations also. We will go to every global forum. We will go to the International court of justice. We are mobilising the global community of Kashmiris and you will see a historic number of people come out. 

We will constantly hammer the narrative of Kashmir’s right to self determination. All the atrocities committed under this curfew is a result of the inaction of the international community. What is India hiding behind this curfew if they claim to bring prosperity? 

All our ambassadors globally are active. I am going to be the global ambassador for the cause of Kashmir and raise it at every international forum. From here on, this strategically wrong card that has been played, Kashmir’s final journey towards freedom has begun InshAllah. 

I have always maintained that war is no solution. I have constantly said you take one step forward and we will take two. Our interest should be poverty alleviation, increased trade, climate change; this should have been issues of common interest. 

There is a solution via dialogue but their ideology is only interested in Nazi tactics and hatred and harming Pakistan in the process. 

I want to end the note today by saying the whole nation is thankful to Quaid e Azam today for having the vision; today we would have all been subjected to a racist, fascist ideology. We thank him from the heart as Pakistanis. 

For 6 years he kept his illness hidden and did not let anyone find out. He fought for the negotiations till the end and on 14th August Pakistan became a free nation based on massive sacrifices. 

The ideology of Pakistan was to be a country made on the principles of Madina. A modern state with modern principles like rule of law, women’s rights, rights for the oppressed, equality, rights for minorities. Quaid e Azam’s speech on secularism is based on the basic tenant of Islam that there is no compulsion or force in religion.

The RSS ideology of forcing people and targeting people outside of Hinduism is against the very basic principle of what our religion of peace Islam teaches us. The justice of Islam is that no one is above the law.
Our religion is not racist, it is not myopic. It is a very progressive religion; and a peaceful religion. I want to tell Modi again that don’t live in a false paradise. The people of Kashmir are resistant to your atrocities and it has developed into a battle hardened and brave community who will fight you. 
And if you try anything in AJK, the time has come where we will teach you a lesson. You have been emboldened for all the wrong reasons for far too long.