Imran Khan sees hope in hour of despair | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
<p style="text-align: justify">On January 17 2010, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf UK organized a huge jalsa for their Chairman Imran Khan.&#160; There were more than 1600 people at the Coliseum in Ilford.&#160; There were a number of speakers including Prof Saqib, Wajid Abbasi, Basit Shah, Sardar Mazhar, Ahmad Raza with comparing by Atif and Furqan &amp; security by Imran Aslam. All members of the PTI UK team had worked very hard for this event &amp; the results were visible on the day. <br /> <br /> Rabia Zia, PTI UK welcomed the audience who had come from as far as Bradford, Oldham, Manchester, Wales, Ireland and Scotland including all over London.&#160; Ms Zia thanked the sponsors &amp; explained that all the events are self funded. She congratulated the UK PTI team for putting together such a grand event &amp; gave a special thanks to the media who she said is playing the role of active opposition in Pakistan. She defined objectives of UK PTI &amp; highlighted the importance &amp; urgency of raising funds for the upcoming by-elections.&#160; PTI has 5 candidates contesting the by-elections i.e. PF 83 Swat Sher Khan; NA 55 Rawalpindi Ejaz Khan; NA 21 Mansera Niaz Khan; PF 75 Lakki Marwat Khan Bahadur; NA 123 Lahore Hamid Meraj.&#160; She explained that the cost of using one car for the campaign rally is approx £50 &amp; our target is to raise £20,000 for the election campaign. Ms Zia said that PTI &amp; Mr Khan were the force behind the movement for a free judiciary and now PTI and Mr Khan are the force behind the movement to free Pakistan. <br /> <br /> The crowds cheered &amp; chanted slogans as Mr Imran Khan took the stage. Mr Khan said that the overseas Pakistanis will play a major role to make Pakistan a great country.&#160; He highlighted the total revenues of Pakistan to be approx PKR 1.6 trillion out of which 800 billion is spent on debt servicing &amp; 600 billion is spent on the Army. There is hardly any money left for development. He said that the GDP to tax ratio is 8.5%, one of the lowest in the world.&#160; Pakistan has the lowest rate of tax revenues. Mian Nawaz Shareef paid PKR 5000 property tax which does not seem real. When we form a government, our focus will be to collect taxes. Today people do not give taxes as they do not trust their leaders.&#160; In Pakistan today, Zardari &amp; others are worried about their cases hence they are at loggerheads with the Supreme Court. There are non stop bomb blasts in Peshawar, drone attacks continue daily which is extra judicial killing &amp; our own government has given permission to America for these attacks, Blackwater the foreign mercenaries are roaming freely in Pakistan and are not answerable to anyone etc.&#160; Despite all this, we see a huge change coming to Pakistan &amp; next 6 months are crucial for Pakistan.&#160; Mr Khan urged the Prime Minister, Yousaf Raza Gillani to stand and side with the judiciary &amp; independent rule of law. Mr Khan also highlighted the army action in Waziristan and said that there can be no solution apart from negotiation. He said that he had offered to mediate between the government and the Taliban as now the&#160; Americans and even Karzai are saying Yes to negotiations whereas we are saying No.&#160; <br /> <br /> On a more positive note,&#160; Mr Khan mentioned the opening of the diagnostic centre of SKMT in Karachi which will eventually become a full hospital.&#160; Mr Khan wants one syllabus in Pakistan which will result in a standard education system.&#160; Namal College is his educational project &amp; is affiliated with Bradford University. The first batch of students at Namal are all sponsored by the university. He said that we will provide solutions and we will give equal justice to all with no immunity to anyone including the president. He ended his address by another ther appeal for fund raising for PTI and the appreciation of the UK PTI team who had organized this jalsa.</p> <p style="text-align: justify"><img border="0" alt="" src="" /></p>