Ideologues London (Region: London) Manifesto (2017-2019) | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

1-Process, Team and Infrastructure:
We are the pioneers who extended the team infrastructure to extended teams in London divided them into 4 regions. We intend to build upon our success to take it to the next level. The Most compelling evidence of the extended teams that we introduced is the fact that we now have all new faces brought forward to lead London with the complete support of the experienced and competent seniors around them.

2- Committees:
a. Core Committee:- This committee will advise and give ideas to the elected body to make the performance better.
b. Conflict resolution committee:- This committee will resolve the conflicts as they arise. Matters will be referred to the national conflict resolution committee when appropriate.

3- Event Team:
We set up a dedicated team to organise events. We intend to build on the success of the team and extend it to increase its capacity and reach.

4- Training and Development:
Proper knowledge of your roles and responsibility and party framework is key to success. Our team is pioneer in taking the initiative to train the extended teams last year. If elected, we will continue the training sessions to ensure that new inductees feel fully equipped to contribute to PTI. This initiative was also adopted in Pakistan by province and district level teams of PTI.

5- Membership drive:
The basic purpose of overseas chapters is to convey message of party to the Pakistani community and encourage more people to become paid members of the overseas chapter. This gives a sense of ownership and provides a platform for people to engage in matters that help set the direction of the party.

Soon after elections we will publish a yearly schedule for regular membership drives in different areas of London. Our membership coordinators will constantly work on membership in their respective areas.

6- Fund Raisers:
Raising funds for party is an essential part of our our previous tenure (2014-15), Alhamdulillah London elected body was leading region in terms of initiatives that raised funds for PTI.. We can proudly quote one of the best initiatives taken in our last tenure was no cost donation link and its propagation that generated significant amount for the party. Even last year when we were not in any elected office, we raised substantial funds for the panama campaign through an initiative with the central party in Pakistan , we called it ??1 donation Drive, which was spectacularly well received by the Pakistani community in UK and was successful.

7- Monthly Newsletter:
Monthly newsletter is powerful tool to engage our members and pass on information about PTI. We intend to send the news letter to members at least once a month.

8- Highlighting KPK government initiatives:
Members are keen to know about KPK government initiatives. We will highlight and make sure that members and supporters know KPK government work.

9- Media Engagement / Media / Social Media:
We will form teams for mainstream media and social media. Engagement with the various media organisation is essential to convey party position. We had extensive media engagement during our last tenure and intend to continue to engage affectively with the media.
Whilst in last year, when we were not in elected offices, the members complained about disconnect and NO communication from the previous team.

10- Interaction with leadership:
Interaction sessions with leadership help members understand the party directions from time to time. We will ensure that issues regarding the chapter are addressed and communicated to the leadership. We are keen to push through for defining the electoral college of the Secretary OIC for the next IPE, We believe it should be the international chapters who choose Secretary OIC. We will continue to push for aligning the UK elected body tenure with the mother party tenures and UK representation in CEC.

11- Inter region Coordination:
London plays an important role in UK. By coordinating with other regions in the UK chapter we can make our voice stronger. We hope that it will help party unite and bring whole chapter on one page. We will actively seek to communicate with the other regions in UK chapter.

12- Community issues:
We are aware of the problems faced by the community while dealing with the different departments of Pakistan High commission. We will raise voice at the right forum to resolve the issues of our community like NADRA surgeries in local areas.

13- Engagement with local MPs:
We will engage with local MPs, Counsellors and mayors to deal with our community problems and highlighting political issues that relate to Pakistan ensuring interest of Pakistan is at the forefront and preserved.

14- Member engagement
We intend to engage with Pakistanis in London and take them on board their views. We have a plan for at least two members convention in year to engage with members

16- Women Wing:
We will engage women in to party and will give them ownership and use their expertise for PTI and Pakistan.




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