Forced entry of police in Zaman Park to arrest Chairman Imran Khan | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


Forced entry of police, vandalism and violence in Zaman Park to arrest Chairman Imran Khan

A witness present in Zaman Park during the arrest of former PM Imran Khan narrates the events of how the police used force to arrest Khan. They used violence agaisnt the house staff even though they showed no resistance. No arrest warrant was presented by the police before the arrest. The witness said:

“The policemen have forcibly entered from the back gate, the policemen have vandalized, beaten all the guards, broken the door, and entered with the entire police force. After that we immediately went and told Khan Sahib that police have come to arrest you. Imran Khan said that I am coming out in 5 minutes after washing my face and getting ready. Imran Khan went inside and put on his track suit and shoes. Meanwhile, the police broke the main door of Khan’s house and made a forced entry. There was a staff, 5-6 people, and the police beat them with batons and tore their clothes. At this time Imran Khan came out. Neither the staff nor Imran Khan was nervous. They were calm and showed no resistance. He said that I am not running away anywhere, I am ready to surrender so why are you using force. The policemen dragged Imran Khan and pushed him, putting a cloth on his face."

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