Europe Coordination Office | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Dear PTI members Europe,

Ever since OIC started the process of delegating authority to overseas chapters, certain elements started creating confusion and made many attempts to disrupt the process.After last year success of creating highest number of elected chapters by any political party ever in Europe.We are now entering next year of success.

Another initiative was started a few months back to shift responsibility of Conflict resolution from OIC to overseas chapters locally.In the past, CRC(Conflict Resolution Committee) was always nominated by OIC.But now three member CRC for each chapter will be as follows:

1. One member from Elected body.
2.One member from Opposition panel.
3.One member by OIC whom both elected and opposition has consensus.

New CRC system has been coordinated by OIC Coordination Office.Any violation to above criteria must be reported to OIC.OIC Coordination office has no authority except assisting OIC on creation of new chapters, promoting paying membership and providing schedule of new elections to Central Election on expiry of tenure or readiness of a new chapter.Coordination office also tasked to coordinate among all chapters for new initiatives through formulating committees with members from Elected and opposing groups both to make them more effective and powerful.OIC is delegating powers to overseas chapters and making them independent and effective.

Ahmad Jawad
Organiser OIC Europe.