Europe Code of Conduct | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Dear Overseas Chapters of Europe, the journey of elected PTI Chapters in 8 countries of Europe was never an easy task. While we look forward to continue our efforts to make it a better institution,it's time to introduce a code of conduct from now onwards.Difference of opinion is the spirit of democratic values but abusing,derogatory remarks, baseless allegations are not acceptable in any organization with basic norms of sanity and civilization.A lot of PTI members complained of such behavior by a few ones, in recent past which created confusion,disinformation and misled PTI members.Such culture led to wastage of time and defamed repute of PTI.Social media became a tool of such targeting.Respecting every body's opinion will be our slogan. We will create a culture of difference of opinion while maintaining basic respect for each other.

To allow difference of opinion in a sane manner and to prevent abuse of baseless allegations and personal attacks,following code of conduct is issued:

Any abuse,baseless allegation, personal attack,derogatory remarks made on any fellow PTI member through social media, print media,electronic media or political events can lead to following:

  1. Issuing Show cause notice.
  2. If a person proven guilty with solid evidence,he can face disqualification from contesting elections or cancelling basic membership of PTI or barred from political activities within PTI or all of them.


CRC of Europe can issue show cause notice to those who violate above code of conduct and investigate the same.Evidence of proven guilty will be kept transparent to all overseas members.