Electoral Terrorism in NA – 232 | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


Electoral Terrorism in NA – 232

A blatant Abuse of power to rig people's mandate.

On the eve of February 8th, PTI-backed independent candidate Engineer Adeel Ahmed was poised to win from this constituency with a significant lead. The Form 45 provided by the ECP to our polling agents, issued by Presiding Officers, clearly indicated PTI in the first position, followed by JI in the second position with half the votes compared to PTI. TLP secured the third position, while MQP Pakistan was in fourth place.

However, as the victory of the PTI-backed independent candidate seemed more certain and the margin continued to widen, a sudden twist occurred. By the next morning, February 9th, at 10:30 am, the candidate of MQM, originally in fourth position, was declared the winner, overturning the clear victory of the PTI-backed independent candidate.

Upon studying Form 48 and subsequently the Form 45s uploaded on the ECP website for this constituency, NA232, several observations were made regarding the significant alteration of results. Results had been tampered with in 32 out of 270 polling stations in NA232.

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