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Prime Minister Of Pakistan Imran Khan's Speech At Launch Of Ehsaas Rashaan Portal And A Mobile App



After the massive success of the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program where 16.6 million families have been given cash handouts, @Ehsaas_Pk is launching Ehsaas Rashan and Langar & Panah Gah App. This App will help in connecting the deserving with the donors


 Ehsas Rashan Portal
 Donors who have committed to donating cumulatively ~12 million meals to deserving beneficiaries that didn’t apply to the 8171 or the PM portal will be recognized under Ehsaas Rashan Program.

•    The Rashan portal will be connecting the donors to the needy people. Big companies have also joined through partnerships to help the cause, for e.g. PepsiCo, Lucky Cement, Bank Alfalah, Saylani Welfare Trust etc.
•    The Ehsaas Rashan program is a means to link private sector organizations willing to donate food rations, to government-verified beneficiaries. The role of government is primarily that of onboarding credible donor organizations, verifying beneficiaries, and providing donor organizations list of verified beneficiaries to conduct targeted disbursement of ration.

The Ehsaas Langar and Panah Gah app
The Ehsaas Langar and Panah Gah app will be launched. This enables geographic locations to be picked up when photographed and mapped, so that there is better coordination of relief efforts and no duplication/underserved areas. It also provides public information about Langars and Panah Gahs. 

•    This app will provide information/location of all the Langars and Panah Gahs to the public
•    This will enable better distributions and will prevent duplications and in addition to this, undeserved areas will also be identified
•    This app enables geographic locations of welfare organizations to be mapped when they are photographed through the app, so that there is better coordination of relief efforts

PM’s COVID fund portal
This provides a range of donation options, including overseas donations. The prime minister has committed that for every rupee donated, the government will match additional four Rupees and that all donations will be earmarked for Ehsaas Emergency Cash.